Two Noble Kinsmen and Cats by a guy just trying to get by

Ooooooh yeah. Take that all in. Don't worry, I wouldn't want to either.
Alright, I won't lie to you. There's a long lost haiku, that's rumored to exist somewhere. However, the dolt above not only forgot to email the original picture, but he also lost it. Way to go, champ.
Now, this one really speaks to me, a gives the sense of- 'I love cats'. Remarkable, and frankly amazing.
Wow, look! A last minute, barely done project! It also has the stench of regret, failure, and procrastination! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
A work to rival the Mona Lisa.
Oh, you're still here? Wow, didn't think anyone would put themselves through that, Well, uh, since you're here, um, thanks for taking the time to visit it. And drive home safe, ok?
Created By
Jake Morris


Created with images by wapiko☆ - "cat" • Schmid-Reportagen - "cat pet mirror"

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