Number the Stars Book Diary BY tyler


I think war is deadly and bloody people can get shot for nothing at all. Also war is scary place to be you could be put into war without any training at all.Sometimes people just want other peoples land for them self. I think they feel scared and some want to fight back and not let the other people take their land.


I think neighbors are friends that help each other out. Also they help each other by watching their pets. Also if war was happening in my neighborhood i would hide somewhere safe. I would never fight because fighting does not solve nothing.


I think it will be about Denmark being in war and about a boy named David trying to stay alive. Also i think that people will try to help David stay alive and he will help them.

Literary Analysis

I think she says this because if they get caught again they might get in big trouble. Who knows what will happen to them if they get caught running again.I think she wants them to hide their faces or never go that way again.She also probally does not want their kids to get hurt that why she tells them to go another way.

(1)I think she was relieved to not be a Jew because she would never be a called on courage.(2)They are similar because she was relieved that she got Ellens necklace off her neck before the Nazi soldiers saw the star of David on Ellen.(3) It could be imprinted because she was holding it hard for a long time on it.It could be symbolic because how close of friends they are to each other and how long Ellen will be staying with Annemarie.

I think the whole country will get together and stand around the Jews so they can protect them or they will let the Jews stay in their houses and give them food.


I think when they open the casket they are going to find Annemarie´s father in it because since mama and them left they probably thought they were gong to Sweden and they killed him cause when they got there they probably thought he would go after them.


Man vs Man

Annemarie was running when a soldier said halt. Annemarie was staring right at the soldier dead in the eyes with Ellen right behind her and little Kirsti plodding along.

Man vs Society

"Our name is on the door, and i see that you have a flashlight, "papa an answered. "what do you want? is something wrong Is something wrong?

Man vs Nature

Mama was coming back from uncle henrik's boat when she tripped and fell on her leg on the dark trail in the woods. Annemarie had to come and help take her back to the house.

Man vs Self

"hold still," Annemarie commanded. "This will hurt." She grabbed the little gold chain, yanked it with all her strength, and broke it.


Never stop fighting for what you deserve

To me this theme means never give up and keep fighting for your freedom no matter how long it takes or how hard the job is.This book show's this them by peter and the other people in the resistance blowing up German trains and factories so they cant make war supplies.

Vocabulary Words


Sabotaged" news of sabotaged against Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so good can't be transported.(pg. 8)


"wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two other girls weren't listening


Lanky and Stocky


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