Elisabetta Siren (1638-1665)

Elisabetta was an artist from Bologna Italy, she was one of the most famous women artists in her era. She created an art academy for other women artists to practice at. During this time Art was typically focused around male artists.

Madonna and Child

She was trained by her father, Giovanni who was a painter at the School of Bologna. Her father became ill and she soon took over the family’s studio. During this time she became She was very successful, she was able to provide for her entire family, she had five younger siblings. This is partly due to the town she lived in and the memory of her late father. During this time this area was very open and responsive to female artists. She created over 200 pieces of art. She died expectantly at the age of 27, no one really knows the exact cause of her death. It was considered a very peculiar and eventually word had came around about how a maid may poisoned her and she was later put on trial for the murder.

Preliminary drawing of Baptism of Christ

Sirani's artwork was showcased at Manyl blognese inventories, most known was the court Federico Beroaldi,. This is the place where the largest and most important private collection of that century. She was the first female artist in Bologna to specialize in history painting, when then was followed by many other women she trained. A ll of her paintings took after religions, historical, or mythological themes. She used many different types of media including brush and wash, pen and ink, combination of black and red chalk.

Finished Baptism of Christ

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