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Series: Reset

The past several weeks have been disorienting for most of us. Life has been changed in temporary and permanent ways. While the future feels uncertain, this season invites us into an opportunity to reset. In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, God’s people have been in exile for 70 years, but through Nehemiah, God leads them to reset their lives. As they move back to their homeland and rebuild their lives together, they are leaning on God's promises every step of the way. Together let’s explore how God wants to renew, rebuild, and reset our lives.

Message: "All Hands On Deck" • Pastor Jason • Nehemiah 2:17-3:2

Discussion groups are now happening after the service. If you would like to stick around to participate, here are the questions we will be considering:

  1. Share an example of when you participated in a team-building exercise.
  2. What are you seeing in your life or in our community that needs rebuilding?
  3. What are some examples that you've seen in the past or ideas you'd like to implement to help build God's kingdom this week?

Join us for church at 10AM on Zoom! We are using the same link each week:


If you are new to Zoom church, please sign up at zoom.us before Sunday--it's free!

We will worship together, hear a message from Pastor Jason, interview Megan Pipe from Treetops Collective, and have an opportunity for discussion afterwards. We encourage you to join before 10AM to ensure your connection. Please contact Pastor Jason (jason@egm.org) with any questions concerning Zoom!

Love INC Food Drive

This Sunday we will be talking about what it means to help "rebuild" our community and we wanted to find an immediate way to take action. Love INC will be dropping off a trailer in the Evergreen parking lot this Sunday to fill with critical food needs. We invite you and your family to fill a grocery bag or two with items and deliver them on Sunday to the trailer between 6-8PM. We are excited to give you a reason to visit Evergreen, as the mountain bike trail continues to develop and the pear trees are in full bloom.

Giving at Evergreen

Evergreen is working hard to continue to care well for our church and our community. Like many businesses, families, and organizations, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus put churches in a difficult financial situation. If you would like to give financially in the weeks in which we are unable to gather, you can do so by clicking this button:

4 Corners Offering

This series, we're partnering with Treetops Collective, an organization on mission to connect New American women with people and opportunities in their new communities. Treetops Collective is providing opportunities for refugee women to find their place in West Michigan, reclaim their identity, and build new relationships. You can learn more about Treetops Collective by clicking the button below.

Our 4 Corners Offering will happen through a bottle and pop can drive! If you have returnable bottles and cans piling up, save them and we will collect them next month. Please contact Laura Male (laura@egm.org) with any questions!

Evergreen Spotlight

Evergreen's Dana VanderLugt regularly contributes essays for the Reformed Journal's 12 Blog. Her most recent essay reflects on the humbling experience of quarantine life, education, and Zoom communion with her Evergreen family. If you would like to read Dana's essay, click on the button below.

Community Resources

Check out our Community Resource Guide below.

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Virtual Book Club

Even though we’re experiencing some isolation, we want to create an opportunity to read a book together! Evergreen’s staff just finished reading “The Importance of Being Foolish” by Brennan Manning. If you are looking for a good read, grab the physical or digital version of the book from Amazon or wherever you get your books, then check out our discussions on Spotify.

Evergreen Conversations

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Sunday evening Recovery services, Bridge to Life groups, and 12-Step meetings at Evergreen are cancelled indefinitely. Click the buttons below if you need to be connected to a group. You can contact tom@egm.org any questions.

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