Agriculture Project By: Alicia Palmer

First Agricultural Revolution

  • Also known as the Neolithic Revolution
  • Used to do hunting and gathering
  • Hunting and gathering meant moving frequently because of the seasons
  • Moved to domesticating plants and animals
  • Happened about 11,000 years ago

Second Agricultural Revolution

  • Happened in the 1700s and the 1800s
  • Took place in Western Europe
  • Because of Industrialization
  • Crop rotation so the soil still has nutrients to give to the plants
  • Four-course system-it was characterized by an emphasis on fodder crops and by the absence of a fallow year, which had characterized earlier methods
  • It improved efficiency

Third Agricultural Revolution

  • Also known as the Green Revolution
  • Green Revolution-increase in grain production with goal to alleviate world hunger, ex: miracle rice
  • In Latin America and India
  • Technological innovations and scientific farming methods
  • Mechanization, chemical applications, biotechnology
  • Gas and diesel engine tractors
  • Increased yields
  • Pollution and reliance on petroleum


  • GMO = genetically modified organisms
  • GMO- plants and animals changed as a result of biotechnology
  • Advantages: More resistant to weeds, pests and disease. And sometimes higher nutritional value.
  • Disadvantages: Mixing genes from different organisms, some GM foods were marketed without labeling, long term consequences not fully understood.

Information from:

  • Unit 5 Agriculture powerpoint


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