The Elementary News Week of September 9-21-2020

Our 3rd Week!!

Greeting Families! Thank you to everyone for participating in our first virtual Back to School Night. This week Neev Patel, a new first year student joined our community, Please join me in extending a warm welcome to his family. It was our fist week using our planners! We will work through adjusting to keeping a daily record of what we need to do weekly and daily as the weeks progress. It takes a little time for our first graders to manage their time and make work choices to support their learning. Please look over the planner in your child's folder and discuss how important time management skills are in everyday life. Parents please initial the the top of the planner and return it inside your child's orange folder on Monday.


Just to clarify the homework routine as we move forward, the green folder will contain your child's homework. Your child will bring it home on Monday and inside it will contain assignments for spelling, IXL Math and Language, and Read Theory. Regarding math, most students practice concepts that have been introduced in class, however since this is a web based program the presentation may look different however the program adapts to your child's understanding and ability. Most student enjoy this work. Your child should work on IXL every Tuesday and Thursday. For reading homework, your child will receive a Read Theory or books assignment to complete on Monday and Tuesday. The green folder is returned on Friday. Monday, September 28th, your child will have his / homework her schedule inside the green folder listing the assignments for the week.

In class, we are wrapping up our unit on the Solar system. Our sixth grade student, Kyle Benavidez shared his study about the Sun with our class. It include all the parts, composition, and many interesting facts about the Sun. We are learning about matter in its many forms. Students have begun writing short summaries for their daily reading titles. Students reading classroom chapter books will be permitted to bring them home to write their weekly chapter summaries moving forward. Also, please feel free to go to the library and get a chapter book that is suitable for a literature assignment for your child ( for some of the students - grade books will be provided from our classroom library). Please let me know if you would like some recommendations for chapter books.


Just a few reminders that may be important for next weeks ahead:

Please make sure your child has a water bottle with a top that covers the drinking spout (no sports bottles please that squeeze to drink). If possible please provide a cloth placemat for your child to use at lunch time. This will help your child to manage clean-up easily and it keeps our classroom sanitary.

Have an awesome weekend!


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