Slaughterhouse Series Fashionable Foto Fables

Ax to Grind

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lizzie.

She didn't like her parents very much.

They were mean...

...and hurtful

...and entirely unreasonable.

Lizzie had an ax to grind. She had, shall we say, unhealthy thoughts.

Best not to have an ax to grind.

The temporary relief of acting on such thoughts may not be worth the consequences.

Most people go to jail for such things. Even if Lizzie didn't.

The End.

Hats, Concept and Couture by McKinney Gough. Models: Emma Dubin, Jennifer Trudrung, Alan Malpass.

Hair: Zhenya Lazarchuk, Makeup: Ilena Guardado

Photography: Catherine Vibert


Catherine Vibert - 

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