Celebrate some October holidays with good taste! By: christine kim

National "Mean Girls" Day - October 3

On Wednesdays we wear pink. I do not make the rules. Unfortunately, while "Mean Girls" day does not fall on a Wednesday this year, we can still celebrate in style with these classic sugar cookies (pink frosting of course). Wait, someone remind me, is butter a carb?

World Mental Health Day - October 10

Imagine this: you’ve just finished your hour-long steaming shower crying session and you’re heading to your room to continue sobbing and contemplating your life. But wait! You see a mini cake, frosted perfectfully in pastels. Bam! Mental breakdown over, ugly crying face gone, sniffles reduced. Make these mini lunch box cakes for yourself or someone else struggling with their mental health. They’re not a cure, but it’ll make their day for sure.

National Savings Day - October 12

Judging by the long line that always blocks the way at In-N-Out, many of us, myself included, are no strangers to treating ourselves with a classic American burger and fries. But unfortunately, those can add up (tragic I know). In honor of actually building up our savings account and not depleting it, make these homemade animal fries to save a little money instead of going through the drive-thru.

National Grouch Day - October 15

I'm sure we can all think of at least one grouch in our lives. They could be a friend, a neighbor, a classmate you occasionally talk to or maybe the grouch is you. Whoever it is, lift them out of their irritable mood with some decadent brownies good enough to satisfy the Grinch!

National Pumpkin Day - October 26

Ahh, fall. As we should all know by now, nothing says fall more than a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Combined with the crisp September air and the transitioning to thick knit cardigans, we’re all ready to live our Christian girl autumn dreams. Make this PSL recipe that tastes the same but saves you money.

National Oatmeal Day - October 29

Baked oats. Need I say more? Try these super easy and mouthwatering recipes to find your new go-to breakfast. Or lunch, or maybe even dinner, who am I to judge?

National Text Your Ex Day - October 30

It’s nearly the end of October and now entering the holiday season. You’re feeling nostalgic and wondering where all the time went. So you decide to text your ex for old times’ sake, maybe it’s just a “what’s up” or a “how are you doing”. But now you feel the butterflies in your stomach and a smile threatening to break out. To calm your nerves, make this banana pudding, an easy classic comfort food. Put on “One Last Time” by Summer Salt while making it and to distract you from glancing at your phone every ten seconds.

title photo by Christine Kim