Carolina Welcome August 22-27 At First College Ministry

Pancake Night

Tuesday, August 22 @ 9 PM at the BCM (819 Main St.)

After a long day of moving in, come relax with a nice warm plate of pancakes. We'll be hanging out with BCM and Shandon College Ministry. Make new friends and enjoy FREE FOOD!

Blatt Block Party

Wednesday, August 23 @ 5 PM - Blatt Athletic Field on Campus

This year we're partnering with Shandon College Ministry for one of the Welcome Week classics, the Blatt Block Party. We're grilling out (more FREE FOOD!) and will have plenty of activities happening on the field. This event is HUGE! Everyone's gonna be there. You don't wanna miss it!

Hangout Night at 1420 Sumter

Thursday, August 24 @ 1420 Sumter Street (First Baptist Church Campus) - 7 to 10:00 PM

Come chill out in our new student center, 1420 Sumter! We'll be playing games, drinking coffee, making new friends and doing whatever we want (within legal reason).

Worship Night @ The Music Farm

Friday, August 25 @ The Music Farm - 6 to 8:00 PM

We'll be having a big night of worship along with Shandon College Ministry at one of Columbia's coolest music venues, The Music Farm. All college students are invited to join fellow Believers in a powerful night of praising and worshiping our great God.

Outdoor Movie at First Baptist Church

Friday, August 25 @ The First Baptist Church Parking Lot - 9:00 PM (After Worship Night)

After the awesome worship experience at the Music Farm, come on over with all of your friends (new and old) for a relaxing time under the city lights and stars for a movie in the parking lot, drive-in movie style. Bring a blanket or a camp chair if you have one, or just come on over. We'll have sodas and cool stuff too.

First College Lake Day!!

Saturday, August 26 @ First Baptist Church - 9:30 AM

Meet at the First Baptist Church parking lot on Washington Street and we will carpool to the lake for an epic day of fun. Don't forget your towels and sunscreen!

Be sure to get your event punch card punched for each event you attend. There's a T-shirt in it for you when you come to Sunday School on Sunday, August 27 at 9:00 AM in our new student center, 1420 Sumter.

We revisited this old Welcome Week video from 2014 and added some commentary. Watch it and get excited about 2017!

Want to know more about our church and what happens on a regular basis? Visit for all that you need to know!

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