The Shining By: Stephen King


  • Jack Torrance- Striving to be a good person, as a dad, writer and husband
  • Wendy Torrance- Brave, saves herself, Dick Halloran and her son, Danny. She's the Wife of Jack
  • Danny Torrance- He is the son of Wendy and Jack. He's intelligent and adventurous. Also there's something really special about him, which ties into the title.
  • Dick Halloran- Him and and Danny share something special which is a major important part.
  • Tony- Danny's "imaginary" friend
  • The Hotel- yes really, the hotel

Throughout the project I'll be building more onto the Characters.


Focusing on Jack, his wife Wendy, and their 5-year-old son Danny, who move into the Overlook Hotel, a haunted resort located in the Colorado Rockies, after Jack accepts the position as winter caretaker. Jack hopes that the hotel's private location will help him reconnect with his family and give him the motivation needed to work on a play. The Overlook has difficulty possessing Danny, so it begins to possess Jack by frustrating his need and desire to work. Jack starts to develop cabin fever and becomes increasingly unstable. Jack finds the hotel's bar fully stocked with alcohol despite being previously empty, and witnesses a party at which he meets the ghost of a bartender named Lloyd. As he gets drunk, the hotel urges Jack to kill his wife and son. After fighting the urge, he finally gives in and goes on a psychotic, rage fulfilled rampage. Hallorann receives a psychic distress call from Danny while working at a winter resort in Florida. Hallorann rushes back to the Overlook, only to be attacked by the topiary animals and severely injured by Jack.

"Redrum" shows up quite a bit in the story, even before they go to the hotel, Danny sees visions of the hotel and the horrors that will and took place there. This is the theme of violence.

The power that Dick and Danny have, the shining is what they would call it. This is how Danny contacts Dick when Jack is going out of control. This is the theme of the supernatural, but lets be honest the book was almost 100% supernatural. Supernatural plays a major key role in the book.

Experience/Author Question

My experience was engaging, but it was hard to get into. I've seen the movie before I read it, which helped me really see what was going on. It was chilling and thrilling. Stephen King is insane, I don't know what kind of a life he had, to think of such chilling stuff in such detail. It seems everything he writes is for a deeper meaning, ever word is carefully thought of to deliver such horror in so much detail.

The Ending

The ending was odd and fulfilling at the same time. Jack catches up to Danny, and Danny was saying something about the boiler that was about to overheat and explode, then Jack goes in to try to stop it; The Hotel explodes taking Jack with it in a huge fire ball.

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