A. Brafford Art 1 perspective drawing

My first cityscape was not successful because I was not very good at perspective drawing. We haven’t had much practice so the technique used wasn’t up to par to its potential.
Working on One Point Perspective
In my cityscape, I used primarily lines and shapes to create my city. Using my one point perspective skill that I learned from my packet, I added bricks, windows, and doors to my buildings. I believe that my second cityscape was successful when compared to my first cityscape. My technique was much better in my second cityscape because we went through the packet before starting the second cityscape. Going through the packet and practicing our one point perspective really helped me better understand and improve my skill.
Working on my Fantasy Building
Fantasy Building colored in with marker
Finished Fantasy Building.

Writing Prompt Questions

1. What did you know about Impressionist painters and Pointillism before this assignment?

Before this assignment I knew absolutely nothing about impressionist and pointilism. I had no background information so this was a completely new topic of study.

2. What is one technique you learned during this assignment? What is it's function?

During this assignment, I learned how to use watercolor. Watercolor is when you use a watercolor coloring pencil type thing and color in your drawing. Once your drawing is completely colored in, you use a paintbrush and dip it in water and run it over the watercolor pencil to give your painting a darker, better color.

3. What is Pointillism? How did you create the Impressionist technique in your Fantasy Building project?

Pointillism is a technique used by post-impressionist. The artist would put hundreds of thousands of dots of multiple colors to form a picture. When viewed from a distance, the colors all blended and made a beautiful picture.

4. What were the Impressionist painters accomplishing by using Pointillism?

By using Pointillism, Artist accomplished a unique style of painting in which drew the eyes of the viewer. Using the "points" blended multiple similar colors to form one color when viewed from a distance.

5. Find your favorite Impressionist painting and post it on your page with the Artist's name, The title of the work, The year the work was created

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte By: Georges Seurat-1884-1886

6. Describe: Who is this painting by? What were they hoping to accomplish by creating this work? Visually describe what you see in this work (subject matter, etc.)

This painting is by Georges Seurat. Seurat was a French post-Impressionist painter. He is known for his work in multiple painting styles including pointillism. In this painting, you can see a crowd of people enjoying a sunny day while standing and sitting on the ground by the river.

7. Analysis: Using the elements of art and principles of design, describe this work

In this work, if you look closely, you can see the small dots used by Seurat to create this painting using pointillism. He mixed many strokes of color that would blend together when viewed from a short distance by the observer.

8. This is the part of the paper where you go beyond description and offer a conclusion and your own informed opinion about the work. Any statements you make about the work should be based on the analysis in above. In this section, discuss how and why the key elements and principles of art used by the artist create meaning. Support your discussion of content with facts about the work.

I personally think that the picture is very impressive. The Painter used a variety of colors, all of which unite perfectly to form the picture. Also, the painters use of space is outstanding. Seurat also used light and value to create shade under the trees of his painting which was also good. What I think is not so good is the picture isn’t very interesting. It lacks character that I have seen in other paintings. I believe Seurat did a great job in his painting because I can’t seem to find any flaws. The image is clear and it is obvious what everything in the painting is. I think other people should see this work of art to see how much time and study is put into this technique. Closely observing the painting makes one really appreciate the time and effort put into painting in this style. I think others would also enjoy this piece of art. I think that because the art of pointillism is really fascinating and amazing to view. If I were to grade this piece of work on a scale of 1-10 I would probably give this piece a 10/10 simply because of the high quality job of Seurat to create an incredible work of art that stays with us throughout the years. If I owned this piece of art, I would probably sell it for a few million dollars and buy a cheaper copy of it that is high quality so that I could live happily without the worry of financial status while still being able to view a high quality copy of Seurat’s painting. I think that the incredible detail in the artwork is definitely worth remembering especially coming from pointillism. It seems to me it is much harder to show detail in pointillism but Seurat has certainly mastered it.


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