My Top 10 by Morgan pachter

This is in no particular order.

10. My favorite animal is the wolf.

9. I love my consoles that I play video games on.

8. Favorite quote-

7. After school I like to check on YouTube and see what is up.

6. Whenever I feel bored Loony Tunes always makes me laugh. My favorites are the ones with Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner.

5. I love to go out and eat at restaurants.

4. I love to read. Books are really cool and I will always read a new book.

3. The Google app. This app is super useful and has saved me time on many occasions.

2. My iPhone. I can not imagine going anywhere with out it. I do almost everything on my phone now.

This is an example of an iPhone 6. The type of phone that I have.

1. My family tops off this list of my Top 10.


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