Experiencing The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt by: matthew abes

Spatial Experience

Lobby of the theatre

Once i entered the auditorium i felt a cool breeze immediately hit me, and i devolved chills on the spot. The stage looked professional like something out of a Broadway play. I was a bit overwhelmed as i went into the play with no prior knowledge of what it was about or what the setting would entail. I sat in the second to front row at the end of the row. I experienced the actors interacting with the crowd right before my eyes. My seat definitely enhanced my experience of the play, i would highly recommend sitting close to the stage and at the end of either row. It was a bit of a magical feeling once the light dimmed, the actors completely consumed me with their performance in the spotlight. with a relatively small auditorium, sitting close was very beneficial to feeling as if you were actually a part of the setting. In relation to the good life i would say that place plays a significant role in one's comfort ability, which in my opinion is one's main source to a good happy life.

Social Experience

I attended the performance alone, however the two ladies sitting next to me were very polite and nice. I am pretty quite, but they made me feel comfortable in a somewhat uncomfortable situation. I took a nap before the performance because i had the time and i didn't want to be tired during the performance. Although i attended he performance alone, shared experiences mean everything to my version of a good life. Although i enjoy my alone time, nothing means more to me than the experiences i share with my loved ones.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Before attending the performance i had no prior knowledge of what the subject matter would cover. At first i enjoyed what i thought was developing into a comedic performance. However once it went once i began go understand the inequities it was trying to portray. Through a story of opposing perspectives on art contrast throughout the play, we are shown the impact of these perspectives and others during the tumultuous early twentieth century. me and my girlfriend consistently having opposing view points, which i believe relates deeply to the play. We prove everyday we can live and love without fighting even though we hold opposing viewpoints.

Emotional Experience

I believe the performance does a good job at representing katharsis. The main character michaud comes clean throughout the play. He seems to always have to speak his mind, even when in the presence of his idol, Ms. Bernhardt. This is a quality that Bernhardt herself poses. She seems to have no filter when it comes to public speaking especially in front of reporters. By the end of the play this lack of filter comes full circle as Ms. Bernhardt learns the world of poverty through learning who makes her shoes. I believe this play provides insight that everyone has a different perspective of the world and we need to be considerate to all and the paths they've traveled.

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