Fine China By: Molly ring

Facts of the tangs:

  1. The Tangs greatly advanced the medical field and found the source of diabetes. The dynasty published a medical book called, The Thousand Golden Prescriptions, by Sun Simiao.
  2. Earlier stages of paper were created by people of the tang dynasty by using a printing technique called wood block printing which would apply text and images to pieces of wood.
  3. The people of the Tang dynasty largely studied in law and math which expanded education which caused China's economy to increase.
  4. People of this dynasty studied complex chemicals in order to create gun power for their army.
  5. To follow up creating gun power, the people also made waterproof cream or dust repellent to clean their weapons and clothes.

Facts on song dynasty:

  1. The song dynasty created the first commercialized industry which happened to be cermeic as tea became very popular which caused a demand for fancy porcealin.
  2. To increase trade, The people of the song dynasty began to create what we know as resturants as people from different regions wanted to try the cultrual taste.
  3. Towards the end of the dynasty, people helped create the first magnetic compass. This aided many travelers as now anyone could sail and not just people with the knowledge of stars.
  4. A widely known invention of the Song Dynasty was printing. The first publication was Confussions text which most people had to read and be tested over to have a job. As printing grew, private companies formed and eventually the bible was printed.
  5. Continuing on from printing, the people created a way to make a printer movable which was more practical for most people but it didn't have as many symbols/letters to use.

Tang Images

All of these pictures are a part of the Tang dynasty. The first one is a drawing/painting of the emperors and it gives a look at how those people would have looked. The one below shows a painting of the dynasty to demonstrate the layout of the land. Lastly, the one to the side is of a statute which emphasizes the popularity of the arts in the Tang Dynasty.

Song Images

All of these images are about the Song Dynasty. The first one to the left is a painting of one of the resturants were trades could expierence the cultural cusine. Below that is a picture of a the dynasty showing some of the town and people around. The picture on the right is of a tea kettle which was extremely popular to the Song people as tea and cermaic was a main part of their economy.

Tang Video

The video above explains major points of the Tang dynasty. He explains the achievement of the many emperors, how they expanded their empire, and the structure of their government.

Song Video

The video above goes through the rise and fall of the Song Dynasty as the Mongols begin to gain power. The man addresses their advanced warfare as they had invented gunpowder and other weapons. He explained women's place in the dynasty and how they were actually most of the shop keepers.

Song Dynasty and the modern world

The Song dynasty has have many affects on the world and many of their inventions/creations are used everyday. Most people use navigation such as a GPS or a map which was most likely from the invention of the compass. Restaurants and fast food places are very popular and aid the economy, and not a lot of people would expect the Songs to start the restaurant craze. In addition, the Song Dynasty created porcelain which is now seen as something prized and of wealth in America. Lastly, literature and printing were explored in this dynasty which has brought so many ideas and stories to the modern world.


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