'Fantasticly' fine life Averie shinabarger


  • Leo Shanira||Werewolf;Human;and other shit||
  • Devi Zhiper(brother of Leo Shanira)||The crazhlynk||
  • Viruz Aknotankatoa||The malfunction||
  • Leifzhy Plankqluzwa||The healer||
  • Fhlit Flicker||The engineer||
  • Mrs.Grieffin||The librarian||
  • Phloetty Polyshot||The Pockzl||
  • Akinushi Dezriefa||The reaper||
  • Grieasz Lricfic||The frizhot||
  • Natallizh Flowract||The nazrulqzt||
  • 3lez Shankfrz||The demon wolf||
Familiar land

chapter 1

3rd POV:

  1. Hide away from everyone
  2. The Internet is my only friend

*The others laugh looking at the list and they nuge Leo and Phloetty tries not to laugh but tries to act in stead*

"What aboot us!"

*We all laugh and Leo throws away the list me,Phloetty,and Leifzhy continue to walk out the forest toward a place that looked fimillar yet un lightening*

"Ack Tanshi.." *Leo states a bit light headed from the sun shining over the small town Phloetty taps Leo's shoulder not very reassuring enough* "I know it's been years but lighten up plus it looks like they've expanded land and changed things up a bit!" *Phloetty says chirping excited to explore* "Easy for you to say Phloetty,you just wanna know what's new and drag us alongside!" *Leifzhy says jokingly Leo chuckles at the thought* "Would not!" *Phloetty says with sass* "C'mon lets see what's so new about Tanshi,eh?" *Leo asks desprate to meet old friends and discover* "Alright alright." Phloetty and Leifzhy say in between laughs. We walk through the wide entrance plate red with graffiti and a big sign that reads "WELCOME TO TANSHI!". Phloetty grips onto Leo's wrist and Leifzhy's wrist dragging the two behind heading over to the familiar buildings.Leo loosens Phloetty's grip gaining freedom.Leifzhy almost trips escaping Phloetty's grasp. "Leo look isn't that you're old apartment!" Phloetty asks excited,Leo looks at the dim lights noticing it's still empty. "Dang is you're apartment like a living hell or something haunted why has none moved in it?" Leifzhy asks a bit displeased. "Language." Phloetty says jokingly. "Ah,I dunno honestly I chose the apartment because it didn't have any neighbors but now it seems like it does.." Leo responds thinking off on where to check in. "Follow me!" Phloetty says running into the building as Leifzhy and Leo trail behind to the front desk with Phloetty. The councilor greets Phloetty as she yaps on checking in to aparments.Leo sighs and takes the room key and Leifzhy and Phloetty sigh. "Roommates!!" Phloetty says hyped as she drags Leifhzy to the elevator waving to Leo.

New old

Chapter 2

Leos POV:

Well guess I'm on my own then. I think and walk over to the elevator joining Leifzhy and Phloetty.The two turn to me concerned."Looks like we just have the room below you." Phloetty says excitedly Leifzhy sighs. "Now I'm stuck with youuuu." Leifzhy says a bit annoyed but jokingly. "Psh...you'll be fine Leifzhy plus I'm still here if ya need me." I say reassuringly Leifzhy thanks me as we split up going to our apartment rooms. I step in front of my door clicking the key as the door chrieks open I flick the light on embracing the familiar sent of the room. "At least I got my old one back." I say to myself a bit glad.I notice the webs and dusty shelves I sign dragging in my bags and such.I flick off the entrance light and flick on the center light.The apartment room never had to much space so I shrugged and settled in.

I sigh hearing a nock on my door I lazily sit up on the couch.I hear another nock."Okay...okay..." I sigh getting up I open the door a bit surprised."I just wanted t-ack,Leo?!" I look up at the familiar boy and rub my eyes clearing my vision."Errrrr...3lez???" I say a bit confused he just nods. "Uh-huh, why did you move back to Tanshi?" he asks a bit confused. "Wellllllll.....I dunno I kinda just wanted to." 3lez sighs and hits me on the head with a newspaper. "Ack!Hva i helvete var det for!?" 3lez looks at me confused to knowing what in bloody hell I just said."Excuse my Norwegian,but I said,what the hell was that for!?" 3lez laughs at the statement. "To wake you up." Is all he responds with."Seems like it worked an little but anyways welcome back,and bye?" I make a confused face as 3lez shuts the door. "The fuck just happened?" I sigh and sit on my couch turning on the TV to watch the NEWS.

Introductions aren't my clearing

Chapter 3

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