The Land of pEace

I'm Leokayz and sure I'm just some cute looking "animal" but I can do many things and have many things going on in life not to whine or anything,I have some good ol pals and buddies!I usually am only able to talk to this one person!Sunday_life 48 go subscribe to him he has some hype videos!(unlike mine..)But yeah anyways go check him out you'll like his content.This is really just a sum up of me,I'm Leokayz Flamlfo Lazlanzi (Leo-kayz-Flame-flow-Laz-lane-e)I'm a mythical Tamatachiko (tama-tachi-go) it's rare to find sorts of creatures like me,saying that I don't have most of my kind around but that's alright!Now 3lez!Hes a Tashkashti (Tosh-ka-tea) hes gray,red,and blue!His kind is rare but there's more of them a round unlike my kind!I find it interesting that where rare creatures and would love to learn more about creatures like us!But anyways lets just get to the story eh?Enjoy~


Leokayz Flamflo Lazlanzi

Leokayz:*searches bushes and trees mysteriously*

3lez Quanter Quake

3lez:*spots me In a tree*"Aye Leo!"3lez shouts loudly

Leokayz:"Nua!Oh 3lez not a surprise seeing you here,eh?So what's up?"

3lez:"Starled you?Anyways just wanna know what your doin hmm?"*3lez cleared his throat coughing a bit*

Leokayz:"Why do you wanna know?Not that I should care but I'm looking for acorns."*I pull out a basket then start jumping off tree to tree hitting the branches as acorns fall in the minted basket*"I'm done gathering so what are you up to?"*I plop myself down on a large tree branch in the oak tree across from 3lez*

3lez:"I see,well I'm just strolling around wanna chat?"*3lez rips a tree branch off the tree and breaks it into tiny pieces and nits them together creating a small model of the Ying and Yang*

Leokayz:"Amazing work!"*I clap then say*"The Ying and Yang represents two sides the light and dark!*I laugh cheerfully and rip off a branch then split it in pieces nitting a Torus then I giggle*

3lez:"Creative.."*he then glares at the zodiac then turns away clueless*

3lez:"Come with me!"*3lez grabs the sleeve of my jacket then runs threw the forest*Leokayz"Woo!Chill out 3lez!*I pull back and fall to the grown letting out a whimper*Leokayz:"Ywo!*I screech then take bandage rap out of my pocket and rap it around my rashed bleeding leg and whine sitting under a shady pine tree I throw a sad look at 3lez then turn away lying under the tree starting to fall asleep I blink fast*

3lez:"I..I'm sorry Leo!"*he then walks up to me and hands me the Ying and yang model he made earlier*"here,I made it but it's alright if u have it,I'm sorry."*3lez sets the model beside me then walks off to a tree about 78 ft away from me he looks like a tiny dot then he plops down dozing to sleep I blink once then pass out from asma*


Leokayz:"Ywo!"*my eyes burst open as I jump up to stand letting out a welp from my wounded leg*Leokayz:"Ergh...almost leg wonder what woke me?"*without doubt I plopped myself down again rubbing my wound *I then unwrap the bandage and blood starts streaking from my wound I hiss then limp to the closest river and sit down laying my leg in the water the water begins to flow with blood and the watery blood streaking down the river I take a rag and run the rag in the river then take my leg out and wipe my leg I screech and wrap a new bandage on the wound*

3lez:"Leo!"*he runs over in a panicky voice he says"Are you alright!?"*I then look up and say "aye I'm just fine I was just changing the wrap it just hurts a bit I'm alright what are you doing here still?"*3lez then glances at my leg then back at me and says slowly"I was worried you might have a lot of blackouts since the incident so I stayed..."*3lez hands me an inhaler*

Leokayz:"t..thanks.."*i stutter taking the inhaler and putting it in my pocket I itch my head then sigh*Leokayz:"Just don't go worrying about me k,I still am able to most things ya know."*I laugh standing up half tilted then lift myself up so I don't ruin my back*"Sooo?"*3lez flinches then says in stuttered voice*"Uhh erm.o..okay.."*his words said I walk off toward town without caring if he follows behind*3lez:"wha..wait up."*he then follows me behind to town*

3lez:"Ya know there gonna worry the whole town right?.."*he says this in a high pitched squicky voice flinching**i turn around looking back at him and say sadly"Yeah but I can't just run from town that would kill me so I might aswell deal with it.."*i then turn back walking through the bushes then staring at the town*3lez:"Hopefully they just don't ask to much questions."*he giggles a little then so do I then walk up a set of wooden stairs I look back at 3lez below on the grass and wave bye*"Till next time pal!"*I give him a wave then walk up the stairs to my hutch*3lez:"ti'll next time..."*He then turns around walking up a different path of stairs to his hutch he pauses at his door then his ears fling up then hears the nurse's voice*Nurse Lana:"Leokayz!What happened to you!?Everyone was so worried I'm glad yo...*she pauses then looks at the sad expression on my face then at my wounded leg*Nurse Lana:"Oh dear!That looks quite painful if I say so myself!Well you take care Ms.Lazlanzi and don't get into anymore trouble missy!"*the nurse then walks out slamming the door behind her walking off**3lez then hears crying from my hutch and looks through his window*Leokayz:"*sniff*Im such an idiot!*I punch my bed then cry in a pillow*"How could this day gotten any worse! just hurts to hear their voices again..."*I then look at the old family photo of me mom and 3lez then cry even more**3lez then goes wide eyed as a sad expression forms on his face and he says"Just like old times.."*he pulls down the window blind and lays on his bed letting out a sigh*

The Next Day....


3lez:"Knock,Knock,Leo you in?Leokayz:"Ughh what 3lez, it's 2:00 am?3lez:"I have to tell, you something,it's important!*3lez punches the door then yells*"C'mon I'm not joking!"Leokayz:"Fineee!*i leap out of bed then brush my teeth and hair and slide on my jacket and boots then open the wooden door then I rub my eyes*3lez:"Follow me,and hurry!"*he then walks down the stairs as I follow behind picking up the paste to catch up we walk across town to the mayors hutch we stop at the door and 3lez knocks**the mayor swings the door open hitting 3lez in the face*3lez:"Kusst!*he yelps then falls back and I catch him like its some intense trust fall*Leokayz:"You alright?"*The mayor then looks at us and asks*Mayor Tyron:"What are you two doing?"Leokayz:"n..nothing!*I push 3lez up helping him stand and cover my face**the mayor looks up at 3lez*Mayor Tyron:"ah my son I see you came quick and with your "friend" as I asked!"*3lez then yelps and says in a stuttery voice*"She's!"*3lez then covers his face then mumbles*3lez:"ONLY,friends."*the mayor laughs then says*Mayor Tyron:"Alright,if you say so now c'mon in you two."*3lez lets out a huff uncovering his face revealing his negative look I move my hand away from my head and wipe my face avoiding anyone looking at my red expression from before and walk in the house with 3lez**I go silent as 3lez talks with the mayor on the couch I then burry my face in the sleeve of my jacket*Mayor Tyron:"Well youngsters you must start your adventure and take care of each other got it!"*I then look up and say in a stuttery voice*Leokayz:" mean me and 3..3lez have to go out..t..there?"*I then look at 3lez*Mayor Tyron:"Yes of corse!You both have to go together or you would die alone!Now you two go and pick your weapons in the other room then you must head off quickly,and watch out for enemies!"*I then follow 3lez to the weaponry room*3lez:"Wow!"*3lez grabs a michette and buckles it around his waist in its case**I look at the bows a red and black one with a Ying and yang symbol catches my eye I then take it and put it around my neck with a pouch of arrows**We walk out the mayors hutch*3lez:"Sorry I didn't tell you on the way I was just excited to see the mayor and sorry he um ya know.."Leokayz:"Y..yeah it's ok I don't mind I'm I bit excited aswell."*I cover my face hiding the red expression on my face then look up when the expression fades and we walk into a forest*???:"I got it!I can patrol on my own Shiba now go away!"*the voice is close and 3lez then pulls me behind a tree covering my mouth I then pull his hand away then gasp and go silent as the footsteps get closer.*???:"Holt!Outsiders!What are you doing in thunder dash territory!"*a harsh deep voice shouts I then look up at the stranger and say calmly*Leokayz:"I'm gravley sorry to intrude me and my friend here where sent off from the town Tanshi."*The guard then puts his gun away and looks at me and says calmly*???:"Oh,I see there sending out others.. sorry If I scared your friend,the names R.J."*he smiles then asks*R.J.:"What's your names I'm not suppose to be talking to you guys but I'm nice so your not dead.."*I let out a laugh and say*Leokayz:"I'm Leokayz Leo for short and this is my friend."*I then grab 3lez by the hand and put him in front of me then clear my throat getting his attention*3lez:"Oh!um im 3lez."*R.J. giggles then says*R.J.:"Nice to meet you both!"

R.J. Swaner Sraw

R.J.:"You to better get going or the others will kill you if th-"*R.J. Then falls to the ground being pushed over I gasp as I look up to see another guard*???:"Pathetic!I can't believe I trusted you R.J.!What are you two doing here!"*The guard grabs me by the caller of my jacket as I gasp for air*Leokayz:"Gah!"*I punch the gard as she backs up tipping making me fall to the ground face forward my face bloody and scratched I lift my self up kneeling and wipe my face to see the damage the gaurd kicks me making me fall backward and then I finally yell*Leokayz:"S..STOP IT!"*I begin to cry as 3lez helps me get up and I lean on a tree crying*???:"Worthless!R.J. I'm going back to camp and I'm reporting you to the leader!*the gaurd walks away stopping*3lez:"WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!??"R.J.:"That was Shiba she's not friendly at all she always picks on me because I'm not like the others."3lez:"Well she needs to stop treating people like a piece of shit!She just beat up my friend for no fucking reason!"Leokayz:"I..I'll be o..okay.."*I gasp then cough out blood*R.J.:"Oh my gosh!You need to take your friend to a nursing hut and hurry!"*R.J. Nudges 3lez then runs back to Shiba*Leokayz:"Kusst!"*I cough out more blood then run back to the bushes at the front of our tribe I go in the nursing hut with 3lez and the nurse looks up at me terrified*Nurse Lana:"Oh lord!What happened dear?"3lez:"She needs medical help she was beaten up by one of the enemies and is loosing blood."*the nurse gasp then says*"O..alright you go home 3lez she'll be alright thank you for bringing her!"3lez:"I hope she lives,and your welcome Mrs.Lana."*3lez walks back to his hutch passing out on his bed*

Shiba Shwan Trawq

1 week later...


*Knock!Knock! Nurse Lana opens the door*Nurse Lana:"No surprise in seeing you here 3lez c'mon in."*3lez walks in with a crooked smile and asks*3lez:"How is she?"Nurse Lana:"She's all fixed up I'd say that's pretty fine to me!"Leokayz:"3lez nice to see you again."

3lez:"How are you holding up?"Leokayz:"I'm holding up great,but besides me,don't we have a job to do?3lez:"You have a point you ready?"Leokayz:"Than i'll ever be."*we laugh then head out to thunder Dash territory**R.J. Spotted us in the forest and walked up to me and said*R.J.:"What are you guys doing here you'll get hurt again."Leokayz:"I have a job to do protect,and I have not finished my job and I won't if I just sit around watching our population die out I have to do something."R.J.:"Fair point but just stay safe you to and make sure Shiba does not spot you."Leokayz:"Thank you R.J."*R.J. Wishes me luck and we say our goodbyes and walk to the thunder Dash camp*R.J.:"Wait!You two will need need these uniforms to blend in with the other crowds!"Leokayz and 3lez:"Thank you R.J."*we put on the guard uniforms*



Leokayz:"Not to comfy but there nice."*3lez nods and we walk to the camp*??:"Hi!"*the boy starts to whisper*??:"R.J. Told be about you guys I'm Akena your here just to patrol the area to see if anyone is plotting anything to abuse Tanshi follow me to the planning room the others are on break so I can give you the blueprints and teh case."*We nod and follow Akena to the planning room*Akena:"Here we are I'll just print to copies of the plans and blueprints and make sure not many people in your town know so it doesn't spread."*Akena starts to print copies*3lez:"We had to sneak and only our mayor knew so I think where alright...."*Akena nods in response then hands us the copy then waves bye*


New Leokayz(sorry to change character XC)

(I changed my mascot just recently that's why in the beginning its all just different pictures, she is still called Leokayz but just looks different so sorry to change up character 3lez will be remaining the same!Leokayz of course is still a Tashkati the rare creature she is I have changed nothing about her everything is the same except her look so please enjoy the story even tho the change of her please understand I got tired of the cotton candy cotes of Leoakyz before xc )


*me and 3les nod then walk to the mayors hutch following the stone trail 3lez knocks on the for then he moves back avoiding getting hit and the mayor swings the door open*Mayor ?Tyrone:"Great job you two!"*Mayor Tyron takes the plan then shuts the door and we shrug walking back to Thunder Dash territory and we bump into Shiba*Shiba:"What are you two brats doing-oh your trying to trick me by wearing uniforms well it takes more then that science I've seen you two before!"*Shiba stands in frount of 3lez then whispers*Shiba:"Thy listen closely if thy disobey thy leader thy shall die and perish thy shall listen to me as for I have cought you.."*3lez flinches then randomly slaps me in the face then holds onto his hand with a scared look on his face then looks at Shiba as I fall back word cussing out*3lez:"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU JUST MADE ME DO?!?!?"*Shiba laughs then walks up and I get up looking at 3lez*3lez:"Get out of here before I hurt you this spell will soon take control and I don't want to effect you......"*3lez cries and shakes vigorously while holding his hands and I look at 3lez standing there*3lez:"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME IM DANGEROUS AND I DONT WANT TO HURT ANYONE JUST LEAVE!"*I cry in response and trot back to town to my hutch and 3lez sits by a tree in Thunder Dash territory*


-I stayed in my hutch for the rest of the day-


-I walk to the mayors house in dispointment and knock on the door and step back as it swings open-

Mayor Tyron:"Where's 3lez..?

Leokayz:"That's why I'm here sadly..he was possessed by one of the enemies Shiba."

Mayor Tyron:"That's bad news..well the only way to get rid of it is to remind him of Who he really is.."

Leokayz:"Thank you so much!"

Mayor Tyron:"You be off now you must remind him of who he truly is!"

-I nod and wave and run to Thunder Dash Territory and spot 3lez garding the entrance and wave to him and he rolls his eyes as I walk up to him-

Leokayz:"Hello sir."

3lez:"Stop playing dumb Leo what are you doing here?"

-My face goes dull and I pull him into the forest-

3lez:"what are you doing get away from me!"

Leokayz:"You remember that time when my mom would joke around about going into the fields.."

-3lez frowned and nodded slowly in response-

Leokayz:"Remember the time I felt it...when I knew I lost her and I'd never see her again...."

-3lez then reverted to normal and hugged me-

3lez:"Next time don't try so hard to get me back.."


-I wake up and look out the window seeing 3lez's room missing his things-

Leokayz:"Gosh dang it..he's ran off already.."

-I see 3lez's mother run to my door and she kicks the door open-

Leokayz:"What the?!"

3lez's mother:"Have you seen 3lez anywhere dear?"

Leokayz:"No..I just got up I'm not sure where he's gone t-

-I stop and look out the window in his room again and see a diamond symbol on his wall-

Leokayz:"Did you see that symbol on his wall?"

-his mother starts to cry and she nods knowing what happened-

Leokayz:"I'm so sorry Mrs.Quake but I'm afraid he might have been taken by the Thunder dash guards."

-3lez's mother nods in response and walks back to her hutch and tells her husband-

-I turn back to my wooden desk in the corner and see a piece of paper-

-I walk over to the desk and pick up the note I read the front "A friend to a friend." I tilt my head and put the letter in my pocket I start to turn around when I hear a huge THUD! And everything goes black-


-I sqinte my eyes up a little everything was a bit dark and blurred-

Leokayz:" W-where am I." -I leaned forward and start to fall but get pushed up again- ????:"Is that you.?" Leokayz:"Oh I'm so sorry I had no idea anyone else was in here!" -I'm still tiled held up by someone and I hear a laugh- ???:"It's okay..but your voice sounds fimillar are you fully awake?" -I open my eyes and look up and go red- Leokayz:"How did you end up here!?!" ???:"Hey calm down yeah I told them to send you." Leokayz:"Who's them?" -the lights flick on again and he looks up at me in suprise- ???:"Long time no see,huh?" Leokayz:"It really has been Agel!." -he giggles and pushes me up for balance-

Agel Nazi Laquil

Leokayz:"Why did you tell them to bring me here?" -Agel looks up and goes bland- Agel:"I Called cause 3lez."

-I go wide eyed and stutter-Leokayz:"Is he okay!!?!?his parents are worried sick!" -he smiles- Agel:"He's fine in his cell, why so" -I cover my face and murmur- Leokayz:"Not like that....I'm just scared.."-Agel frowns and hugs me- Agel:"Hey it's going to be alright, after all that's why your here isn't it?" Leokayz:"Your right.." Agel:"He's in a cell and gaurded by soldiers, you'll need this." -Agel hands me a uniform with my code name A.M.S. I put it on and sit in a chair waiting for Agel-


Leokayz:"Ready." Agel:"Alright let's go." -Agel grabs my hand and walks be out of the building the the outside territory of Thunder Dash and we entered another building with cells all empty then there he was 3lez in a cell stitting there and he looks up and whispers- 3lez:"Is he here to put you in a cell??" -3lez looks over at Agel and makes a shook expression I whisper- Leokayz:"He's here to help and so am I." -Agel unlocks 3lez's cell and 3lez growls- -I grab 3lez's hand Agel runs out the building pulling us behind we make it to the forest before getting spotted Agel turn to us both- Agel:"I can't stay in Thunder Dash.." Leokayz:" Why not?" 3lez:" Yeah...why not..?" Agel:"I snuck in I just ran from my hometown to here. I don't have the perment for it and now I don't have anywhere to stay.." -3lez looks at me then Agel and looks at Agel- 3lez:"my parents wouldn't mind if you stayed with me." -I stepped back not wanting to hear the word parents and held my arm- Agel:"Thanks!" -3lez looks over to me- 3lez:"You alright?" Leokayz:"Y-Yeah.."


-3lez and Agel went to the hutch and went to bed I climbed up the wall of my house and sat on the roof star gazing and fell asleep-

-the next day....


-I slide off my roof and rubbed my eyes and everything went clear I heard a knock and looked down at 3lez's hut and saw Agel and 3lez waving and waved back- Leokayz:"Silly.." -I slide of my roof and walk inside and get ready for the day I slide my jacket on and heard and knock on the door and open it- Leokayz:"Who is it?" Agel:"A stalker." -I look up hearing Agel's voice- Leokayz:"Hehe, very funny." -Agel laughs and 3lez pops out from the side of Agel and laughs and I burst out laughing- 3lez:"Ayyyeee!" -Agel looks behind him and laughs and I look back- Leokayz:"Come in." -Agel and 3lez walk in and Agel picks up the picture of me,mom,and 3lez- Agel:"Miss her.." -I look over at Agel and nod slowly- Agel:"No doubt.."

Old times

3lez and Agel:"W-How did she die..?" -I look down at the ground and itch behind my ear and pause- Leokayz:"Well she-she..It started when she realised happiness was rare to see at the time....she wanted us to be happy again..with dad being dead and me being a bit off..she had a lot of stress..and one day we were walking a-and well..a hunter..he...he..was aiming to shoot..a spear at me....he shot it and it went through my hand and my mother took the shot.."

-I started to cry and looked over to 3lez and Agel and saw them watery eyed and wiped my eyes- Leokayz:"It didn't matter anyways.. Nobody cared I was left alone stitting there waiting like I'd be lucky." -Agel puts the picture down and goes silent and 3lez lifts his head up wiping his tears and says- 3lez:"You know that maybe true, but some people much for your mother she was so happy and kind to everyone in Tanshi.." -I look up at the ceiling- Leokayz:"And whenever you where bored you'd come over and we'd always go in the feilds with the dandelion puffs flutter in the air like early winter snow.."-I laugh and wipe tears from my eyes and 3lez looks down again laughing- Leokayz:"It's too bad we both know we'll never get those moments back.." -I smile and laugh even more and sit on the floor wiping my eyes and Agel tilts his head- Agel:"You guys stayed positive even though you guys didn't have me in the group and I was suprise do to see you guys still here after all.." -3lez tilts his head down even more and stutters- 3lez:"W-we missed you a lot..not having you around was hard even when Leo's mother died..and I know for sure it was hard to watch her die in front of your eyes." -The expression on my face goes bland and I walk outside and sigh slowly walking down my stairs to 3lez's hutch and both Agel and 3lez tilt their head- Mrs.Quake:"It's best you tell him I ran off..he doesn't need to be concerned were his mother went." Mr.Quake:"I suppose you have a point, but are you sure..?" -Mrs.Quake growls and grabs a bag and walks out ten door slamming it from behind and I hide behind my set of stairs rubbing my eyes and hear the footsteps of Agel and 3lez-


-I walk out from under the stairs seeing Mrs.Quake completely gone and I leave it be-

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Leokayz Lazlanzi

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