1st Quarter Syllabus Mrs. Cramer's ELA Class

This is a working syllabus. The dates may be changed from week to week depending on student understanding and progress. Students should use this tool to help prepare for future assessments and to monitor missed assignments when absent.


Unit 1: Rites of Passage

What Rite of Passage is represented in this picture?

Week 1 of 1st Quarter

How will you earn your grade this quarter?
Red Roses Represents So Many Milestones in a Teenager's Life
What did "Grandfather's House" really look like?
Rite of Passage Involves Leaving Home: What narrative shares this same milestone?


Created with images by TeroVesalainen - "thought idea innovation" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "stop sign stop sign red warning octagon" • Audi Nissen - "Womens wheelchair basketball" • geralt - "new year's day year new year's eve" • ulleo - "tree small tender" • Alexas_Fotos - "smiley laugh sneakers funny emoticon emotion yellow" • Brooke Lark - "Calendar Year" • Susan Yin - "untitled image" • JESHOOTScom - "laptop woman education" • mybaitshop - "Report Card Word Cloud Concept in Black and White" • Alexas_Fotos - "not hear not see do not speak" • iQoncept - "You'll Fit Right In Puzzle Piece Hole Belonging Group Join Team" • sunabesyou - "疲れた男性" • nd700 - "red rose background" • Andrew James - "Lakota Native American Man at Pow Wow" • sumikophoto - "Southwest House Details" • Juan Ramos - "Thank goodness it’s over!" • Michael D Beckwith - "untitled image" • geralt - "directory road sign shield" • Al x - "untitled image"

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