Mountain Ears non profit mixing and mastering

SERVICES: Mixing: we use our mix of analog and digital gear to make each element of your mix sound as good as possible, balance the levels, and print to a stereo stem for mastering. Stem mixing: We bounce each group of tracks in your song to its own stereo "stem" with its own special treatment. Mastering: We take your final stereo mix and bring it to its highest quality and loudness for distribution online, vinyl, or whatever other format you decide on. Stem mastering: we take your individual groups of stereo stems and then master them to a final stereo master. We also offer combination packages to fit your needs and budget. We will do unlimited revisions until you are happy.

Regular Flat Rate Pricing: Mixing is $300/song. Stem mixing is $50/song extra to get individual stereo stems for each instrument group. Mastering is $100/song. Stem Mastering is $150/song.

ABOUT: Our mission is to worship God, be a blessing, and make the world a better place by providing equitable access to high quality music services. We will work on any kind of music. If you intend to be a blessing and make the world a better place, your music is welcome here, regardless of your situation. We will help bridge the gap between your recordings, and high quality mastered music. We can guide you through the process of mixing and mastering, and meet you where you are at to improve the quality of your music. If you have a low income, we can negotiate a lower cost or cover the cost completely through our equity program.

We also have 2 ways for people to donate to our equity program to cover the costs of people with low income to be able to benefit from our services. Join us as we work "with money," not "for money" to bring high quality music services to people who could not otherwise afford it.

1) Supporting Members: donate any amount monthly/yearly to fund our equity program.

2) Awesome Members: donate any large amount or any recording/mixing/mastering music gear. Donations will be tax deductible when our application has been approved.


We are grateful to be living on this beautiful ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi land (Asheville NC), and seek to open a conversation of apology, reparation, conciliation and healing for the atrocities committed by our ancestors, and join in a movement toward equity as God helps us heal from the horrors that have been done in His name.


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