Hormonal IUD By: sidney Wike & Chalee Wolfe

Who uses this method? Females

How the method works to prevent pregnancy is, it blocks sperm from joining with an egg to prevent pregnancy. IUD keeps ovaries from releasing egg. Thickens mucus, keeps sperm from reaching the uterus.

How does a female use this method? You go to a trained health care provider, you can insert the IUD in a medical office or clinic.

Do you need a perscripstion or is it over the counter? You should probably go to the doctor since they have to insert it anyway.

Does this method protect against STI's? This method does not protect from an STI.

How much does this method cost? About $150-$250.

How effective is this method? 99%, and it lasts up to 12 yearso.

How does it compare to other methods? It's easier to do once you insert it you don't have to take it out for 12 years. It is not private decetable.

What are the advantages/ benefits to this method? Reversiable, starts working immediately. Replaced every 3-5 years, 99% effective.

What are disadvantages or side effects for your method? May cause noncancerous growths (ovarian cysts) hormonal side effects, tender breasts, mood swing, headaches, ache, which is rare.

Any additional information- if you become pregnant with the IUD you should go to the doctor to get it removed. Irregular menstrual bleeding and pain.

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