Kirin's Senior Slide Show 2020 Ap studio Art

Artist Statement:

In my body of work, I decided to investigate the most important group of people in my life, family, and the reasons why these people been so foundational to who I am today. I looked into our relationships, the lessons they have taught me, and even the reasons why we fit together so well.

Projects I created addressed things we have bonded over, depictions of us as individuals, and even questions as to what it means to be family. As my body of work evolved, I started to question what constitutes family. Do family members need to be people I am related to by blood? Or, can they be anyone that I care deeply for and look to for support? With this project, I learned a lot about who my family is and why I love them so much: how their actions have positively impacted my life and how their support has carried me from the beginning.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting quarantine has only deepened my familial ties. During this stressful period of time, my family and I have been forced to rely even more on one another for support, happiness, and relief. Along with this added obstacle, I am also progressing into a new stage of my life: high school graduation and the beginning of college. This point marks the time when I need to step away from my reliance on family and push towards a greater independence; of course, this is something very difficult and bittersweet. From my work, I have come to understand even more that no matter what happens my family will always be there. For this reason, I am not worried about hardships and difficult times in the near future because I understand my family will always be there to fall back on.

Portrait of Parents

Colored Pencil, Collage Paper, Micron Pen
In this project, I aimed to display a portrait of myself and two parents in a graphic, colorful style. I wanted to introduce two very important figures in my life, experiment with new media, lighten up my portfolio with color, and make a statement about the close connection I have to my parents. The image shows the importance of our togetherness as well as emphasizes our differences as individuals.
Process Work for Portrait of Parents

Family difference

In this project, I was inspired by a book Ms. Sartanowicz gave me in class. The book is a collection of English artwork that all has a similar graphic, simplistic design. I thought this style was intriguing and experimented with it many times before creating this piece. In my painting, I used a similar design to the painting "Hyde Park" by Sybil Andrews; however, I replaced the figures with members of my family. The style allowed me to cleanly and simplistically portray the members of my family as well as speak towards how well we fit together.
Process Work for Family Difference

Riding in sync

Micron Pen, Sharpie
The goal for this project was to show the major connection I have with my family using an activity that has brought us closer together: biking. I have endless memories of biking with my family from learning to bike at Downs field with my dad, biking around the Cleveland Circle Reservoir with my brother, and biking around Nantucket as a family.
Process Work for Riding in Sync

The Extended Circle

Colored Pencil, Micron Pen, Sharpie
What does it mean to be family? This question became a major part of my investigation as I progressed into my project. The first pieces I made for my portfolio all focused around my close blood relatives: parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. However, this told a very small part of the story of my family. I completely left out people like my friends, mentors, and teachers who have all had extremely important effects on who I am today. In this project, I wanted to address the extended circle that I consider my family; specifically, people who I am not related to by blood that have helped make me the person I am today.
Process Work for The Extended Circle

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