The Beginning of the End By: Sabrina DeGeorge

Mercy Day marks the “beginning of the end” for the seniors. Since I was a freshman, Mercy Day was always a special day. It is so crazy that I am now a senior who has almost completed my four years as a high school student. I have been reminiscing on my memorable years at Mercy and there are so many people and traditions that I will hold close to my heart forever.

My friends have put a smile on my face every day and never fail to make me laugh. As an all girls school, we empower one another while looking to successful women for guidence.

The teachers at Mercy are different from any other school. They genuinely care for us and want the best for their students. My teachers have challenged me and helped me grow as a student and as an individual.

As Mercy girls we always have each other’s back. We have built a sisterhood that is unshakeable. We have exciting traditions in our Mercy Community. Mission Week is one of my favorites; we raise a ton of money to serve meaningful causes.

Service is important at Mercy and we take pride in our food drive and all the money we collect for our Mission. Mercy girls are taught to be generous and put the poor and less fortunate above ourselves.

Our chapel is the most special place in the building. It is a place we can come to feel safe and be in God’s presence. Our masses are so unique as we come together and sing our hearts out as a whole school.

Mercy foudress Mother Catherine McAuley 1778-1841

Cathrine McAuley inspires Mercy girls to serve with our sisters around the world. We look up to her and all she accomplished during her time on earth. As the seniors start to plan for the future, we continue to bring her spirit along with us as we leave for our new adventures.

This year’s theme for the Mercy Day play is Selfless Sisters of Mercy. The class of 2020 chose two seniors to embody the spirit of Catherine. Our whole class has always been in awe of their selfless love to all of their Mercy Sisters. This year’s Mother McAuley’s are Katie Geist and Madeline Riesberg.

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