Good Life Performance Uma Blandon

The Spatial Experience: Physical settings of theaters are always very spacial and expansive. They always make me feel like I'm waiting for something. The spacial feeling always leads to great anticipation to see the play and how it will unfold. I sat towards the front. This meant I could clearly see the faces of the actors. If I don't sit in the front I always end up wondering how the actor's faces actually look like. Since I knew what their faces looked like the whole play was more intimate. The anticipation grew as the lights dimmed and quieted. I imagine the whole audience felt the same way. I've been in bigger auditoriums, so I considered this one small. The smallness made it feel more homey, personal, and intimate between the audience and actors. In the Good Life, the place always has great influence. If it's an unkept place the experience will be dulled. But if it's a beautiful place the experience is embellished.
The social experience: I attended the performance with my friend, Madie. I didn't really do anything to get ready. I has just gotten back from work and I was showered. Since I went with my friend, we were able to share opinions and formulate theories and ideas about the play. It was easier to understand the whole play and it's meaning. Shared experiences are important in the Good Life because being able to share an experience with a person your close with means that you can enjoy something together. If you understand one someone else's enjoyment, you're feeling the same type of happiness and you both know it. You can relate you're happiness, leading to an even more meaningful experience.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue of the play was the issue of following your own dreams and the obstacles one has to overcome. Some of these obstacles may include parents, expectations, and money. I knew nothing about the play's subject matter before I showed to the play. I had no idea what it was going to be about, it was a big surprise. One issue mentioned was, the issue about underage kids working at dangerous factories. These kids put themselves at great risks for their families instead of being at school and getting better education. I knew about this issue before hand. We don't have it in the U.S anymore, but this issue is definitely a big deal with in other countries of poverty. No one I know personally has had to go through this, but when I go visit rural towns in Nicaragua I meet children who can't follow their dreams or go to school because they have to go to work. They work where ever they can scrape a few coins or dollars. It's really disheartening to witness.
The emotional experience: The play "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" provided an opportunity for katharsis, which means to come clean, by showing the audience that in order to realize specific things, sometimes something drastic needs to happen. The play shows a lot of regret at the end, especially from the son dying. Everyone felt like the could have done something to prevent it. After the death, everyone changed their way of doing things and acted upon themselves to make themselves feel better about living their lives to the fullest. The death made made everyone come clean and forget all the useless details in life and do what fulfills them.
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