cards Claire, Angelina, Rosie, Dianne and Sophia

Our Group: CARDS

From The Left- Claire Sophia Rosie Angelina and Dianne

group reflection

In our group, we were a very co operative and hardworking. Everyone had different roles and work they had to complete. People were always assisting each other out with their tasks and lending a helping hand. We discovered many different things when investigating our focus question, “How do we celebrate the Sacred Heart at Kincoppal Rose Bay”. We were a very organised and put a lot of effort into our project. We tried our best to make our research as deep as possible, even when it was most difficult to find information. We have found this topic very interesting to learn about and we have really enjoyed PBL.

c- claire

Claire’s profile

I learnt many things about school during PBL this year and it was very interesting. My group’s question was “How do we celebrate Sacred Heart at KRB?” and I think we worked hard to answer it.. My responsibility was making and editing the documentary with Rosie. We helped each other for past five days and I think we successfully answered the question.

a- angelina

Through this project I have learnt many things and had great experiences that have shaped my knowledge of both the school and myself within my group I worked on the website, I was also the host of the documentary that our group made and I also put together these team profile page. On the first day of project based learning I was elected the leader we took turns at this role and strived us a team successfully completing the project whilst having a great time and making stronger relationships with people we may not always spend time with.

r- rosie

As a group we have achieved quite a lot in these past couple of days. I have helped some people in our group, Claire and I wrote the script of our group’s documentary, wrote information to go on the poster and website and Dianne, Claire and I put together all the scenes to the Imovie, (documentary). PBL has been an exciting experience this year. We have all learnt, how to work cooperatively as a group and sharing out parts to our big question. It has been an exciting adventure, where they have been a few problems that have let us down, but we have worked around it

d- dianne

PBL was a very exciting experience this year. My group and I have learnt a whole lot more about this school’s history compared to what our knowledge was beforehand. Our topic question was “How do we celebrate Sacred Heart at KRB” and I think we have successfully answered this question in the time given. My job was preparing and editing the documentary alongside with Rosie and Claire, we managed to do a good job with our task and I am personally very happy with the outcome, not only with the documentary but with all of our group’s work.

s- sophia

PBL was very interesting this year. Our focus question was “How do we celebrate the ‘Sacred Heart’ at Kincoppal Rose Bay?”. My job was to create the poster, because I like art and design. I think our group has been very co-operative and everyone has been helping each other out with their tasks. I also edited the website and had a role in the video. I always tried to do my best work and make sure I put 100% into my work.

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