Superintendent's Notes October 2, 2020

Today marks the end of WEEK 6! Once again thank you for staying the course and continuing our work with students. BIG REMINDER: The SSEF Grant is coming up! The deadline to apply is October 15th. Find the application by following this link. The Foundation is asking you to submit your grant request electronically this year. These are scheduled to be delivered to sites PRIOR to Thanksgiving Break. Get those grants written! This group of folks is committed to making a difference for the students in Sand Springs. If you run into Ms. Tirita Montross or Ms. Cindy Griggs, give them a big thank you for a successful Golf Tournament Fundraiser this past week! While we had several volunteers for whom we are forever grateful, these two ladies managed the organization of the event!

Thanks to the Sand Springs Education Foundation for hosting their annual Golf Tournament to raise money for the TEACHER GRANT program.

McDonald's in Sand Springs will also be hosting a fundraiser for the Foundation tomorrow morning from 8 to 10. Find information in the Sandite Pride News article. 20% of the food sales will be donated to the Education Foundation with a minimum donation of $1500! Get up a little early tomorrow (and encourage your family and friends) to support the Foundation and enjoy a little breakfast!

Usually you see Ms. Andie Hurt at Garfield, BUT on Friday nights you can catch her policing the entrance onto the field at football games. AND, you can always count on a smile, even under the mask!
Spirit Week at the Early Childhood Education Center! Photo Credit - Ms. Whitney Sanders!

Tonight is Homecoming at Memorial Stadium. It's going to be a beautiful evening and a perfect time to support Sandite Football! Homecoming activities start at 6:30 and kick-off is at 7:00!

Here you see our very own band marching at the Homecoming Parade last night!

Brock Martin from OSU was scheduled to ZOOM into Ms. Sarah Coonce's classroom at Garfield STEAM Academy last Friday for Game Day, but couldn't make it. HOWEVER, our very own Sandite Captain, Sango Whitehorn, stepped up and called the class instead! The students absolutely loved it! I also caught Sango, this year's "Kissing Captain," riding in the Homecoming Parade Thursday night. I'm pretty sure there will be no kissing going on tonight! I love how our CPHS students know how important it is to be a great role model for our younger Sandites! Thanks to Sango for taking the time to attend to 5th graders! If you get a chance, come out tonight and support our Sandites at Homecoming!

Award winning smile if I've ever seen one!
CPHS Sandites visiting Angus Valley Elementary during HOCO week!
I caught Ellie Morrow with Grandpa Dave at the Sandite Cross Country race last Saturday! It sure is fun to see Sandites of all ages competing and staying healthy! It sure takes a crew to make this event happen and many of our own staff stepped up to help. Thanks to everyone for supporting Cross Country!

Below is a photo of Ms. Karen Biggs. We happened to catch her hard at work, in the heat, on a Sunday afternoon pulling weeds in front of the Media Center entrance at Pratt Elementary. This is truly a picture of servant leadership. Ms. Biggs reluctantly allowed me the privilege of getting a picture of her hard at work. We have a lot to learn from her willingness to put time and effort into her site without any need for recognition and rewards. Thank you to Ms. Biggs for your dedication and going the extra mile. We sure appreciate you!

It's time for the Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW) donation campaign. Our employees have always exhibited extraordinary generosity to this worthy cause. Of course our goal is 100% participation and even the smallest gift is important. The TAUW serves the greater Tulsa Area and supports those in need in our communities in so many ways. This year you can make your commitment by following the TAUW Sandite Pledge link. Additionally, pamphlets will be coming your way. I would encourage you to explore the idea of giving this year! If you have questions or need more information you can contact Pam Frunk by email at pam.frunk@sandites.org.

Sandite Cross Country runner Jasmin Lopez Gonzalez placed second in the 5K at the Gold Rush Invitational at Case Community Park last Saturday.

It's always fun to run into Mr. Sitton at events. He pours his heart and soul into athletic events and spends a tremendous amount of time and energy attending to every detail. We caught him at the Gold Rush Invitational last Saturday on the Gator. Mr. Tim Dial was sporting his boots to keep his feet dry and his fanny pack. Mr. Dial had the important job of starter for all the races! Thanks to both for investing in kids!

Shout out to the Sandite Varsity Softball team. They have earned the privilege of hosting the Regional Tournament here in Sand Springs beginning Thursday, October 8 at noon.

I know you are keenly aware that as benchmark results are complete, we are seeing student achievement gaps. We know that the 5 month extended break from in person instruction due to COVID-19 had a significant effect on student learning. We definitely have our work cut out for us as we continue to go about the important work of making sure students are getting the critical instruction they need. We know this is challenging in the midst of navigating student quarantines and have revisited our protocol on leave for teachers and staff who may be affected by student quarantines. As we continue to get better at our processes, please remember we have two main objectives. One is to minimize the spread of COVID-19 to the greatest extent possible and the other is to minimize the disruptions to the learning environment of our students. While working toward these goals please be reminded to follow our health guidance as closely as possible and please wear your mask correctly. The additional quarantine guidance can be found here. Our intention is to keep our teachers and staff working on site to the greatest extent possible, minimizing the necessity of taking leave, while being diligent about protecting the health and safety of everyone. We are convinced that our students are best served when our teachers and staff are present on campus. Please direct any questions you may have to Ms. Kristin Arnold. We will be reviewing leave for any employees who may have already been affected by student quarantines very soon.

I got to visit Ms. Wickett's 5th grade classroom at Northwoods Fine Arts Academy this week! Thanks to Ms. Wickett for graciously allowing me to crash into the class and take over for just a few minutes! They even posed for a picture!! Lots of energy in this classroom for sure!

Our Sandite staff is the absolute best! Please remind yourself of this EVERY day. AND, remember to take care of yourself during this school year. Your mental health is critically important. COVID-19 won't last forever and we can do this. We are doing this! Our team's work is evidence that mitigation on a case by case basis is possible. Get plenty of rest, eat right, and exercise. I would encourage to get the flu vaccine. MOSTLY, focus on the positive. There is lots of positive out there! Choose to smile.

Have a FABULOUS weekend! ~Sherry