Good Life Performance:The Divine Christina Chung

Once entering the theatre, I automatically felt a feeling of excitement and curiosity. This picture was taken right as we sat in our seats. I have not seen many plays so I did not know what to expect. Lucky for me I got to sit in the front row and sitting in the front row gave me a different experience of the play. I really felt like I was in the story line; I could truly feel and see their emotions in their faces. When the time came that the lights started to dim and quiet spread across the audience I was anxious for what's to come. Size of the auditorium did not impact my experience just because I was so close that the theatre behind me I became oblivious to.Being in the front row made the play more personal, almost had a feeling of a personal connection between the characters of the play. Just like my placement for the play, the role of place in the good life is similar in that where a person is truly impacts what they see and how they understand their surroundings. Humans do not always choose their surroundings, but how people react to their placement in life is how a person's good life is impacted.
I attended the performance with my friend, Ashley Beers, who is also taking Good Life and we have known each other since middle school. This picture was taken after we settled down in our sets and I did get her permission to use the pictures of her for this project. Going with a friend that I was familiar with and comfortable around made going to a new place settled my nerves and made the experience more enjoyable. To get ready for the play we read about the Divine and made sure we were able to actually find the Constans Theatre. Attending with a friend made my experience ten times better than going alone because I had someone to discuss the play with whenever I was confused or enjoyed a section of the play. Shared experiences have a heavy role in the good life because humans were not meant to be alone. Having the company of someone that is enjoyable makes situations and experiences more memorable and lighthearted. Relationships are important to build and are necessary towards the good life and sharing experiences just strengthens peoples' bonds and relationships with one another.
I captured this picture during intermission and found the decoration and design of the theatre intriguing. This play was set in the early 1900's in Quebec City and the central issue of this play is facing rebellion and the power of others to do what is right, stand up for justice. Before attending the play I did not know much about the subject matter, I have read stories and watched documentaries before of specifically men that are in higher authority using their power to manipulate children to take advantage of them. The play really opened my eyes to how difficult it can be for especially the victim to stand up for what happened to them and fight for justice. Personally I do not have a relationship or a similar situation that occurred in the play, but I always thought that if something happened to me or someone around me I would be quick to stand up for what is right. In this play, the performance showed me that standing up, rebelling, is not easy and comes with hardship that many people do not want to put on themselves.
This play really gives the audience a moment for katharsis, by opening up peoples' eyes and minds to what surrounds them and their actions. Personally this made me reflect and wonder about my own secrets that I am hiding and who I need to come clean to. The process of "coming clean" lets a person be their true self without any boundaries and that is what Michaud wanted for Talbot. To be clean of the burden that he is carrying and all the secrets that drag him down. Everyone has their own secrets, guilts and insecurities that drag them down everyday. Watching this play made me question if these burdens and secrets are really worth the baggage of holding them and what would happen if I was for once completely open and not hidden.
This is me right before the play, grabbing a picture during the madness of all the good life students trying to take their pictures. From the horror stories I heard from other good life required plays I was not that excited and was anxious for what the play had in store. The play was truly entertaining and an overall great play, even though it was set in a different time period and place the play was still easy to connect with. I never felt bored during the play and had a good time going. This picture just shows me being oblivious to what the play had in store. I am almost thankful that I was required to go to the play because I would have never went if it was not a requirement and I would of missed out on a great play.

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