Personal Profile Emma Roelofsen

What Makes me Proud

The number one thing that I'm proud of so far in my life is that i know exactly what I want in my life and I know how to achieve it. I have my mind set on my goals and I'm ready to complete them. I know where I want to go to college and which courses I'm going to be taking, I know which area of my future job I want to work in and what I want to do in my personal life.

Another thing in my life that I'm proud of is my raise in self confidence. In semester one of grade 9 to now. In second semester of grade 9 I found the people who boost myself confidence and make me happy. After switching schools it was difficult to keep that confidence with coming here and not knowing very many people. As i was here for longer I started to get to know more people and my self confidence started to grow again. I'm happy that my friends at KCI and LDSS were able to help me get where I needed to be.

My Top Interest

Throughout all the surveys I read and answered, the results told me I'm more of a people person than anything else. I like working in group but am also capable of working on my own because either way I'm able to get my opinions across in a way that I like. I would rather work with groups of people at work than with machines and computers, and I really like making other people happy which is why I would enjoy making people food that tastes good.

Personal Values

In almost every single one of my surveys I have discovered that I'm a very big people person. Working with people in my future career is something i'd really enjoy doing. My job choice is not one that could be fazed out by electronics so I know i'd always be working with people and making people happy with the food I make for them.

I also discovered while answering these surveys I'm also an information person, I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and researching and doing experiments and I'm a tactile learner. I enjoy taking notes to further my knowledge and highlighting important facts. I would rather read instructions and plan out an idea then to have an idea given to me or to do a project without any instruction. Reading recipes and knowing exactly what I need to make for the person will make me enjoy my job more then if someone asked me to make them something that tastes good.

Values at Work

One of my top work values is that I'm very good at taking responsibility. I can do many things my boss asked and needs me to do in order to succeed in my work life. I can hold myself accountable for the things I do good and the things that I do wrong.

My second work value is that if needed I can take leadership and take control of certain situations. I would rather not be the leader but I have the skills and mindset to take control and be a leader if need be.

Life skills

Problem solving is one of my biggest skills, I'm always able to help people with problems and help find ways to overcome those problems, and I'm good at working through details of a problem to reach a solution.

I also have very good interpersonal skills. I'm good at communicating my thoughts across in a way that's effective. I try hard to communicate with people in a way that is good for them and

Learning styles

I believe I'm more of a verbal or linguistic learner. I'd rather do things on my own because i'm very independent and I would rather read instructions and ask questions if i need then to sit there and listen to a lesson on something I may already know how to do. I believe that is the only way I know how to learn.

How am I smart

I have an Interpersonal intelligence, I understand the needs, feelings and purposes of others. I like to interact with people and would rather work with people than machines. I also work better with people I get along with. I enjoy being part of a team and inputting my personal opinions to get them across better.


I'm a social person and the helping type. I like to explain things to other people and work through problems with everybody. I enjoy encouraging people to do things they might be scared to do and I always find ways to ask how I can help. Finding out peoples opinions is something I enjoy doing especially if they're somebody who has good opinions but don't know how to express them.


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