The Thoughts of a Student- Interview by adelisa

How long have you been in KS?

11 years I think... Yeah. Um from Kindergarten to now, or maybe it was Daycare... No wait no, because I didn't go to Daycare so yeah I think it was Kindergarten.

Do you think you were mentally, or emotionally ready for middle school and high school when you were going into them?

No I was not ready because I thought I was going to die! Like I was so freakin' scared. I was scared to go into them so now I was not ready. When we were going into Middle School that lady she was like Oh y'all are going to be strugglin' in Middle school because we weren't acting right so I was scared because of her. And then High School I don't think I was scared- I mean I was scared but not when I was in.

What made you able to transition into the schools?

My friends- like legit. It made it a lot easier because I was all like 'I wonder if any of my friends are going to be in any of my classes?' And if someone was in the class then I was like 'Yes, this is gonna be so easy.' When you were in my Honors English class that was awesome and then I had a B by the end of the semester.

Do you feel that there a difference between middle school and high school?

I'm 'bout to say something mean but: Yes, there's a difference because like now with essays it's totally difficult because now you have to add all these extra stuff and in Middle school they kind of just let you go- I mean not really go by but wait no.. Yeah they let us go by. It was a lot easier when it came to essays.

On a scale of 1-10 how do you think, especially with it being finals week, how stressed are you in the school environment?

With finals I feel like I'm at a 4 or 5 because I don't know I'm just not that stressed but I know when it comes down to next week I'm gonna be like 'Oh my god!' But like now, I feel fine. I feel chill- like my shirt says. But next week I'm gonna be struggling, I mean, if I study I'm gonna be fine but yeah I feel fine now.

How do you deal with that stress?

I don’t have stress. Right now it's 0.

What makes you the most happy in school?

My friends, I guess.. No I'm playing um when it's like awesome teachers for one helps out a lot and I only have 2 or 3 cool teachers I think. And then my friends they make it all worth while like it'd be so awesome and I be laughing all the time- well I laugh regardless but you know and I smile regardless so that's kind of.. Whatever so you know.

What made you choose your academy?

My academy is FAHS and I think I chose that academy because I like to sing and I like to draw and I'm getting a lot better at those things because I sing all the time even when I'm at my house and I... I don't draw as

Which of your classes do you like the most?

I like English- because of the teacher, since I don't like to read and then I like um biology because I mean I don't like science but yeah. I like choir because of the teacher and because I like to sing and I like strength because I like to lift weights but I don't like to run um.. I think that's it. Yeah, that's it I think so.

How familiar are you of the clubs at JCHS?

I'm in one club, the gay-straight alliance club, but other than that nope not really.

How do you feel about the clubs?

I like the club but I mean I'm not close to anybody in the club so it's kinda like I'm going in there because I'm part of the LGBT.

Did you choose this club for a specific reason?

I picked it because I'm in the LGBT community.

Do you play any sports here in JCHS?

No- I mean I like basketball and I'm good at shooting hoops and that's pretty much it.

Do you plan on being in any sports?

No I do not. Strength and Conditioning is enough for me.

If you had the chance to, would you create your own club?

No, I'm not creative.


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