Stop animal testing! by :stop animal testing foundation

Since 500 BC animals have been used for experiments and testing. Over 100 million animals have been tested on,and most of them die. They are tested on Windex ,Vaseline ,post-it notes,medical research,Kleenex,make-up products,perfume,etc. Frogs,cats,dogs,mice,rabbits and hamsters are used for testing. Medical researchers and schools use animals for their research because they a living organism to test their experiments. One example can be Texas A&M they test muscle dystrophy. Animals suffer from pain,spend their lives in cages, most never experience sunlight or fresh air. The following groups support animal testing:Pro-test ,Foundation for Biomedical Research ,and The Royal Society. They use animals for testing because they suffer like humans do.

Text animals to 4320 to help stop animal testing

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