Effects of Child Labor What are the effects of child labor both mentally and physically? By: Jonas Cook

There are about 215,000,000 children involved in the child labor work force every day. Child labor is very hard on a child. The labor is both hard on the children mentally and physically. As you can clearly see child labor is a horrible industry that destroys childhoods and has serious negative effects on children mentally and physically throughout their life.

Physical Effects

  • Mutilation and physical injury can occur from poorly maintained machinery
  • Inexperienced workers can be injured on the job
  • Intense jobs can injure children
  • Pesticide poisining can occur to children working on farms
  • Growth deficiency can occur later in life
  • Respiratory desiese and a variety of cancers can impact children who work with chemicals
  • Exhaustion and malnutrition can effect children who work hard jobs and don't have proper nutrition

Mental effects

  • Children won't receive proper educations
  • Kids can form problematic social behaviors
  • Kids will be have a higher risk of developing bad habits such as using drugs
  • They might develop major aggression
  • They will be more likely to break the law because of aggression
  • They will have struggles developing useful social behaviors

Child labor has serious negative effects on children mentally and physically throughout their life's. Child labor can kill kids from the physical effects and can eventually ruin the kids life from the mental effects. As you can see child labor is horrible and it can steal a kids life's.


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