Coastal path right Hartland point lighthouse

Today was just as glorious as the previous two days and once again I was nursing a monster hangover - I never learn. Marie stayed back with Ashleigh this time so it was a bit easier this time. We went along the same path that we took on the first night but followed it round to the right instead of going down to the stream. Two ladies helped with directions because our original route was blocked. A horse trial was happening on the farm and for our safety we were told to leave the field we were in and walk round to avoid being trampled - perhaps a little over kill as we were only a few feet from the style and our safety. We followed her instructions and went the long way round.

On the horizon there was an ugly radar type building that we were heading towards because just behind it was a view down to the lighthouse.

The coastal path went down hill towards a sort of clearing and entrance to the lighthouse. It was gated and sadly out of bounds to the public. There was a small cabin selling refreshments so we stayed and had a drink before going inland. The route was mainly narrow footpaths between a corridor of trees and bushes there was little to photograph.

We exited on to a wider road that went past a farm. On the hill were two rather large pigs and beyond that a disused barn or stable. We followed the road for quite a while hopping up on to the verge if any cars came because it was very narrow.

We came to a crossroads and Blegberry was signposted left 1.5 miles. It was a long and boring road with the odd farm vehicle passing us every now and then.

We arrived back at the cottage thinking we had only done three maybe four miles but we did the same as the day before - weird.

That Evening...

That evening we took a saunter down to the beach that we saw the previous day hoping the tide would be out so we could have look round those rock pools. The tide was in and all we could see was perfectly smooth pebbles with mysterious white lines running through them. I took one as a souvenir.

It was nice to sit and look out at the calm sea as it lapped against the rocky shore.

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