Hello World Youth Services & Technology in the Southern Adirondack Library System

Tech After Lunch-Libby

December 8th Noon - 1pm

Are you interested in exploring Libby? After this training, you will be more aware of how you can support your patrons when they have questions about Libby.

We will look at:

  • How to install Libby on any device
  • add a library card
  • download an eBook & Audiobook
  • place a hold
  • Where to go when you have questions
  • Use tags
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Where to go for help

* if you have a Tech After Lunch topic that you'd like covered please let me know.

Windows 11

Staff PCs- JA is awaiting official support from Polaris. They are currently testing their software for Windows 11 compatibility. Please do not attempt to upgrade any PC’s to Windows 11.

Public PCs- JA has verified compatibility with our public lockdown software and are testing Windows 11. The next time PCs are deployed, they will be loaded with Windows 11 as long as there are no major issues.

Cassie PCs- JA is awaiting official support with one of our lockdown software (Deepfreeze). They are currently testing compatibility.

The PCs will not automatically take the update.

Please contact JA if you have any questions.

Upcoming Webinars of Interest

The Myth of the Work/Life Balance for Small Library Directors--December 9th--This webinar explores how to find balance between your personal and professional life, in service of yourself and your community. Visit here for more info and to register: https://www.webjunction.org/events/webjunction/myth-work-life-balance.html

Thinking Outside – Nature-Based Programs at the Library--December 16th--Join school librarian and longtime environmental educator Nate Keefe to explore how to create nature programming that will suit the needs of both your patrons and your library. Visit here for more info and to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZErdeugrzwpG9DhyytwR0kLrZMqrJBVyjAX

For a list of all upcoming webinars please visit the SALS' calendar: https://salsblog.sals.edu/calendar/

Google Tag Manager

Do you use google analytics for your website? If so you may have noticed that you get a lot of statistics regarding page views and users. But what you don't get to see is what links are people clicking on. For instance, how often do users visit your site to get to the catalog or their account or download that reading list you added to your site.

With Google Tag Manager we can add tracking of inbound and outbound links to your website. Then you can view them in Google Analytics and discover how people are using your site. On this site you can see that many of the users and are visiting your webpage so they can access their library account. So you might think about ways to make getting to their account easier to find.

If you are interested in setting up Google Tags on your webpage please let me know. Also if you don't have Google Analytics on your site we can always start there first.

Stuffed Animal Taxidermy

Play a Phrase for me

For those looking to warm up on a chilly rainy November day check out Play-A-Phrase for me.

This one is "at the library" https://www.playphrase.me/#/search?q=at+the+library

You can enter any phrase at the bottom and it will find movie clips that use that phrase. You can also download them. Could be useful for presentations.

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Jack Scott


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