Postcards from Tahiti with Adobe Stock and Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Adobe Stock recently partnered with Tiny Atlas Quarterly to travel to Tahiti to shoot for the Premium collection. In addition to Emily Nathan, the founder of TAQ, we were joined by an incredibly talented and diverse group of photographers:

  • Tyson Wheatley, Brooklyn-based photographer and director, formerly of CNN and Instagram.
  • Dan Tom, web designer by day and photography tour de force by night.
  • Salty Wings (Michael Goetze and Jampal “Jumps” Williamson), Aussie aerial photography duo.
  • Tasha Van Zandt, filmmaker and explorer who has worked with the likes of Stephen Curry and National Geographic.
  • Ja Soon Kim, yoga teacher and painter known for her beautiful, organic flat lays.
  • Peter Hannert, co-founder of Cavan Images and stock industry veteran.

Though their creative backgrounds, approaches to photography, and visual aesthetics vary widely, what these photographers have in common is their love for travel.

"I gather inspiration from my travel photography going to more remote place because it suits my personality. I like to go to place and reflect. I appreciate nature because it helps me reflect on life and it’s good for my soul." - Dan Tom, Photographer
“When you travel, you begin to understand that borders are abstract and meaningless. We’re all just human beings sharing similar aspects of an experience on earth.” - Tasha Van Zandt, FilmMaker

During the week-long journey, the photographers sailed to the uninhabited atolls of Tetiaroa, watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean in Mo’orea, swam with sharks and sting rays in aquamarine waters, feasted on fresh rambutans and coconuts, and witnessed the most picture-perfect waves off the shores of Teahupo’o.

Tahiti left a lasting impression on each of the photographers, not just due to its extreme and pristine beauty, but also because of the warmth and welcome of the Tahitian people. Needless to say, after a week unforgettable scenes, communal meals and road trips, the group formed a close bond.

"It was really fun to shoot and see so many photographers work together as a group, and to have all these perspectives come together for one mission." - Emily Nathan, founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

Follow Tiny Atlas and the photographers on their incredible voyage in our feature video, and see exclusive images from their experience in the Postcards From Tahiti gallery in our Premium collection.

Special thanks to all the photographers, Allswell Creative, travel guides extraordinaire Earth Missions, and our very dedicated film crew What the Film, for being a part of our journey.

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Adobe Stock


Photos by Salty Wings, Dan Tom and Tasha Van Zandt

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