Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By Kelsie Baumlin

Nature on Display

As I walked towards the Butterfly Forest, the first thing I saw was a large wall full of butterfles on display. This was really captivating and caught my attention right away. I was able to dive right into the information and learn about the butterflies. The display was really detailed and provided a lot of information on the colors of butterflies wings and the different stages of butterflies. The exhibit had a lot of visual displays and helped me connect with what I was about to experience. The layout of the words and the appealing location of the display allowed me to divert all of my attention to the wall. Having the opportunity to learn about the colors of the wings and other basic information on the butterflies really helped me appreciate the exhibit as a whole and the beautiful role that butterflies play in our environment.

Above I am standing in front of the display when you walk into the Museum

Nature and Ethics

While walking through the Butterfly Exhibit, I was able to experience nature in a unique way. As I was walking through the exhibit I felt completely one with nature and I was truly able to connect with the love and beauty of the environment where butterflies flourish. I was not there to just "conquer the land" but rather it was as if I was apart of the community. I got to experience my love for nature and the peace that the exhibit brought me. Leopold believes that a person should see nature as more than just an economic value and truly appreciate the value that nature plays in our lives. My opinions are in unison with Leopold because I believe that a person should be able to appreciate our vast nature. While exploring the Butterfly Garden, I experienced a beautiful sense of joy and peace watching the butterflies fly around me and some even cam very close to me! I noticed that all the people in the exhibit were simply at peace and enjoying their surroundings. The people in the exhibit were in awe of the butterflies and were simply enjoying all of their surroundings. I think it is very important for people to experience something like the Butterfly Garden so they can truly experience and unite with nature in a unique way.

A beautiful blue butterfly that flew right next to me
Watching a butterfly fly up to a beautiful flower

Nature and the Human Spirit

Heschel believes that we need to step out of ourselves in order to connect with the mystery and majesty of our Universe. As I was pondering this thought while walking through the Butterfly Garden, I came to the conclusion that I agree with Heschel. Having the opportunity to completely step outside of my own concerns and my own problems and it lets me enjoy the Mystery of our lives and the mystery behind the beauty of nature. The Butterfly Exhibit helps us do that because when you are immersed with a wide variety of beauty and nature, you cant help but reject your self and enjoy what is surrounding you. As well as walking through the garden, there was an exhibit about how butterflies emerge and the genetics of butterflies. When looking at these exhibits, I was amazed at the complexity and beauty of our world. How simple yet complex the emerging of a butterfly can be. This exhibit helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of our world because it can inform us yet allows us to fully engage in the beauty of our world at the same time.

Enjoying my walk through the exhibit
The Exhibit on Butterflies emerging
The other exhibit on the Genetics of Butterflies

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