Tour of the Harn By: Stephen Kinard

The Harn Museum exhibits African, ancient American, Asian, contemporary, modern and Oceanic paintings, sculpture, ceramics and photography. Some of the pictures that I took contain artwork from each of these sections. The Harn Museum is structured uniquely so that each section flows into another section of the museum. The art pieces are given abundant space between each other to create a focus on one piece at a time. This makes it easier for the viewer to create a perspective of the art piece's meaning.
In the African section of the museum, I noticed the African cultural masks. I have seen them on TV when they use them for ritual dances to create a connection with their deity. It was different to see them in person because you can see the details and the craftsmanship it took to make them. The art told me about the effort the people put in to worship their gods and how serious their traditions are.
I saw the Asian art wing of the building to be the most appealing. I loved the atmosphere of the artworks and the spacing that each had. They each linked to each other with the cultural aspect of Asian history. The exhibit made me feel as if I was in one of the Asian temples. The atmosphere brought the Asian cultural experience to my perspective.
This artwork appeals to my core values of peace at mind. Back home in North Carolina, I have a place that looks similar to this portrait. This is my peaceful place where I go to relax and think about life. this portrait reminds me vividly of this place. The artwork instills a relaxed mood on me when I examine it. This piece shows me that I cherish the things that make me feel calm and relaxed.
This art piece is called the "Dancing Ganesh", which is the most beloved representation as a problem solver and bestower of blessings. I believe that this piece represents the good life because this figure is what the Hindu people look to as their friendly and accessible God. I believe that the sculpture embodies the theme of Celebration because Ganesh is a joyous figure to the people so it makes people feel a reason to celebrate.

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