Bodensee-Königssee Radweg Bad Feilnbach, bavaria (DAY 5)

A punctual start was required so that we could have the option of an extra curricular activity later in the day riding the “Cog Car” up the side of the mountain. This would mean an additional 20km round trip on top of a 65km day with close to 900m of climbing.

We had another top day as far as the weather was concerned and the country side was a delight.

We rode through forests, along streams, through farmland, around lakes... The list goes on! We did encounter quite a large number of climbs and the terrain was mainly gravel and some of this was quite rough slowing us down considerably!

With heavy bikes, steep inclines and rough gravel roads, our average speed was only 12km/hr!

Our highlights for the day always include meeting up with our support van and team for breaks and lunch, but on top of this would have been the lake, meeting a local couple about to be married that same day and our local Bavarian Dinner.

Some of our minor setbacks included 2 dropped chains (messy business that!) and a broken rear mudguard. But the prize goes to our most bravest team member who thought it a good idea to eat an apple whilst controlling a bike at speed down a rough gravel incline only to discover (5 days into the trip) that the left brake lever controls the front brake, which didn’t end well. Yes the rider completed a forward somersault dismount successfully clearing the front handlebars! But no points for the messy landing! Miraculously the rider only escaped with just a few minor scratches and a missing apple!

Our extra curricular activity was unanimously scratched after 9 weary riders arrived late afternoon and just wanted a nice shower to freshen up after a long day in the saddle...

...and yes, we are going to do it again tomorrow!

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Stephen Mathieson

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