Gene doping By Ethan and Landon

What is gene doping?

Gene doping is the transfer of genes or modified cells into a single person's body to improve athletic performance.To use it you need a vehicle,not the car but something that carry's stem cells to different parts of the body for example,people inject more blood cells into their blood stream to give them more endurance. Current reports showed that people were using steroids, strychnine, oxygen, and mixtures of brandy. People did a study on Olympic athletes, 98% of athletes said that they would use forbidden substances. That is what gene doping is.

Pros of gene doping

Improves athletic performance, gives you an advantage with athletic abilities, easy way of gaining muscle, easy to take, and makes you stronger. If you were a special forces worker such as police officer, firefighter, search and rescue officer then that could help them with their everyday jobs, and saving lives. It increases physical strength, Mental discipline, practice,and skill is unaffected.

Cons of gene doping

If you are a professional athlete and you got caught gene doping you would lose your career and possibly end up in jail. Athletes that do gene doping, also known as steroids, are mostly involved in triathlons, Olympics, and the mister Olympia competitions . Also it causes more pressure on your body muscles, more tearing of muscles. It can cause cancer, heart attacks, and death. Money may be a problem, the costs can vary from 1-2 dollars for one tab.

Our overall opinion is that it in some cases it should be aloud and in other cases it shouldn't, People can choose to change their body. Some people want to test the limits of the human body. Plus gene doping can in some cases prevent diseases. It can cause some fatal affects to your body, but sometimes it can cause diseases . But once it is injected it cant come out and can cause permanent changes. That is our opinion

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