No More Curfew Julia Morgan

High school graduates expect freedom and independence when they go to college. College is a time of adult learning and a shift into the adult world. This transitional period can be stressful to first year college students.

Liberty University has a curfew of midnight on weekdays and 12:30 a.m. on weekends. This curfew is strictly enforced and there are consequences for not following this rule. This curfew does not allow for total autonomy which in turn does not align with the self-determination theory.

College is an already stressful period in a student's life and the use of a curfew does not help. Not having complete autonomy, or the feeling of being free to make one's own decisions, can cause added stress. Stress can affect a student's well-being and academics.

Anxiety is a side effect of stress because of not having total independence.

Not having total autonomy can also lead to depression. A student's relationships, well-being and grades can be affected by depression. The self-determination theory can either be supported or destroyed depending on the environment, the individual is situated in.

Eliminating a curfew will allow students to feel free to make their own decisions.


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