Casandra C. & Skyler K. PERIOD 6

Do you want to come to Egypt but you don't know anything about it and you really want to know facts.

Did you know the Nile River is so cool.Do you know the river is 4,160 miles big . That is big right. It is 6,670 km long. That really long right it takes a lot of time to cross. The river floods each year. We here celebrate when it floods. Also we use papyrus. Papyrus is our paper. When the river floods there is silt. That is fertile soil.
tombThese pyramids are use for our pharaohs.It take about 25,000 men to build these things you know. That is a lot of men just to build a tomb. Also when we put the old pharaoh in the tomb they get robbed. All they left was the body of the pharaoh. Do you know my slaves built these tombs.
Hello I am tut I am the youngest ruler of Egypt. I started ruling when is 8 or 9 years old. It is fun I get to boss People around. Can you help me I need help to choose to open this shrine or not. Well I guess I will open it and change it back to polysemous. Also now my mom and dad hate me but did for my people. Do You know I will die when I am 18 or 19. Do you Know I started ruling in 1332 BC.
Hi I am here to tell you about the mummification process. But first do you know they only turn pharaoh into a mummy. we would wash body in the river. We take out the organs and put them in jars.Then we cover the body in natron. wrap body in lined.Then put in tomb.
Girls here were long dresses pass our knees. Our men and women both were makeup made of coal. We use scented oils to make are body smell good. Also men were skirts. Also the picture above show our upper and lower crown.
We get different fish from the Nile river

If you want to try new food you should go to Egypt.We have fish,bread,fresh milk from goats and we get meat from different animals. We do not cook on a stove. We don't have a kitchen that you have right now.We have to do everything by hand. we have to get meat for animals in the wild and we have to milk goat or cow.

We live next to rivers so we can have a farm. Also when the river floods we get silt that means the land is very fertile. We harvest 3 times a year. It brings us wealth for our crops. Sometimes it will lead to a surplus that mean extra food for us. When that happens we get to trade with each other.

Here are some fun facts about where we live. We have huge temples they are tombs. Egypt is all sandy and dry. So it feels all sandy like a beach in California.


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