Hawkline News

Group Members and Roles

  • Aman Dhaliwal - Admin
  • Allie Langohr - Editor
  • Peter Salerno - Writer
  • Robbie Di Palma - Writer


Hawkline News is the company we created to demonstrate our content management system. It is a news site that we populated with fake news stories in order to show the roles of each user, how the content is displayed, and how it can be interacted with.

Technologies Used

Aman's Personal Domain

Content Management Systems

  • CMS’s are used to control user’s abilities on a website.
  • Different roles are set for different users so that each one has limited access to certain functions of the site
  • We operated with an admin, three contributors, and an editor



  • The Admin has complete control over the website.
  • The site is linked to Aman’s personal Domain, which means that only his login credentials can gain access to all of the functionalities of the website.


  • The editor has control over what gets posted
  • The admin can do this as well, but typically this is an editor’s role specifically as the Admin has several other responsibilities for running the site
  • In our case, Allie finished writing the posts that were set up by Peter, and she had the final ability to publish them


  • Contributors can write and view posts, however they cannot post them
  • In our case, we created three contributors
  • Peter set up the five news stories that were ultimately published by Allie

Plugins & CSS

  • Contributors by default are unable to post images, so Robbie added a plugin called User Role Editor that allowed us to change the abilities for each role.
  • This allowed Peter to post pictures as well as words.
  • We also added a plugin that allows any user to share a new story on essentially any social media platform.
  • While we used a theme available through WordPress, we manipulated the CSS to make the website look more like we wanted it to.
  • We added pictures, changed div structures, and colors in order to personalize the site to our likings.


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