CSM Best Practices Meeting Summit 2017

On March 20, 2017, the CSM organization met during Summit in Las Vegas to share and document best practices for the CSM role. The team collaborated across 11 key focus areas.

Best Practices & Knowledge Sharing

Teams worked together to document these best practices, tips & tricks. Best practices documents are a work-in-progress and available here: CSM Best Practices Meeting Files

Managing Difficult Customer-Facing Situations

Types of Questions Addressed:

What are some tips for handling difficult conversations?

What are the talking points/what do we do if we have new stakeholders who are skeptical of Adobe or supportive of competitive solutions?

How do you best handle your main contact leaving the company?

Regular Customer Sync Calls

Types of Questions Addressed:

How do you ensure your regular sync calls with customers are helping to push the relationship forward?

How do you leverage the CSD to ensure the relationship is moving forward?

How do you create engaging agendas for your regular sync calls, especially for customers who do not invest in Consulting or customers you've been working with for 2-3 years straight?

Adoption / Usage & Adoption Plans

Types of Questions Addressed:

How do you leverage adoption data in your regular conversations with clients?

How do you leverage adoption data in building your adoption plan with customers? Ex. If you notice an issue with adoption for a specific solution/feature, how do you have a conversation with a customer around this and what teams/tools do you leverage internally to address the issue?

What adoption data do you use and how do you obtain it?

What do you do in the case of overusage?


Types of Questions Addressed:

Customer tells you they are not going to renew - what are the next steps?

What remediation steps do you need to consider to save the business?

Alert the BU? Customer Disposition? Account/AGS team internal communication? Management alert? Who else do you need to alert?


Types of Questions Addressed:

What are effective tips for working with our partners?

Where do you start with partners?

How do you manage post-sale training and delivery challenges?

What are some talking points to get the conversation started?

AGSi Best Practices

Types of Questions Addressed:

What AGSi categories do you use for common deliverables?

What are best practices around maximizing quality of data while minimizing time spent entering data in AGSi?

Product Roadmap / Product Discussions with Customers

Types of Questions Addressed:

How do you best handle product feedback - how do you get this back to the product team?

How do you advocate for your customer and influence the product roadmap?

Customer Health

Types of Questions Addressed:

What are the 5-10 things you need to do to ensure you have a solid understanding of and can report out on customer health?

Ex. Talking to customers, talking to Solution AMs, Panorama?

Value Audits & Assessments

Types of Questions Addressed:

When do you use these? What are the triggers?

How do you pair this with a QBR?

What solutions do these cover and how do you collaborate with Consulting?

Customer Success Dashboard

Types of Questions Addressed:

CSDs are a requirement for every named account. How do we ensure these are used effectively, especially for customer who do not invest in Consulting?

What are some talking points for positioning the CSD to customer who are hesitant to adopt?

How do you successfully transition CSDs from an internal document to customer-facing?

What are best practices around collaborating internally with the ecosystem on CSDs?

Strategic Engagements

Types of Questions Addressed:

When do you choose a particular engagement over another?

What are the triggers to put together one of these events?

Next Steps

CSM teams to complete best practice checklists/documents and present to the org on CSM All Hands calls

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