Designer Babies By: Daisha jones & Ellie Howard


  • What is a designer baby? A designer baby refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics. You know There are many ways to create a designer baby. One method is gene manipulation is in vitro fertilization. In this process, eggs are removed from the woman’s uterus, fertilized in a laboratory and then transferred back into the uterus. Many traits can be determined by making a designer baby such as, gender, appearance, intelligence, disease and personally.
Pros & Cons of Tay-sachs


  • Pre-Implantation- The doctors will take the egg and the sperm and fertilize the egg with the sperm and test for the disease. The eggs that are unaffected are implanted beck into the mother.
  • This procedure is usually beyond most couples financial needs.
  • Not covered by public health systems (No insurance)
  • Largely limited by the high expense of the procedure
  • The baby has a 25% chance of carrying the trait if the baby does have the trait you have a choice of keeping the child or stopping the pregnancy.
  • Savior Sibling- a child conceived through selective in vitro fertilization as a potential source of donor organs or cells for an existing brother or sister with a life-threatening medical condition.


  • What is your family history?
  • Do you know the laws concerning designer babies?
  • Are you thinking about having anymore children?
  • How much are you willing to spend on this procedure or what is a price you are comfortable with?
  • Are you willing to sign a contract if you babies isn't what you expected?
  • Would you like to consider any of the choices we have provided?
  • Have you researched anything about this procedure?
  • Are you prepared to have this procedure done? If so, what have you've done to prepare yourself?
  • Are you planning on telling anyone else your experience about this procedure?

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