Who was Marie Curie

What is this book about: This book gives details about Marie Curie's life and her accomplishments in life. The book starts with marie curie as a child and all the way up to her as an adult.

This is a picture of Marie curie

Important people : Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, Zosia Sklodowska, Irene Curie, Gabriel Lippmann,

Important places: Russia, Poland, Paris, Sorbonn

  • Important events:
  • 1883 - Marie Curie graduates first in her high school at age 15
  • 1891- arrives in Paris to attend the Sorbonne
  • 1995- marriages Pierre Curie
  • 1897- her daughter is born
  • 1895- discovers new element called polonium
  • 1903 - wins Nobel prize for her work with radioactivity
  • 1906- her husband Pierre was killed in an accident
  • 1911- wins her second Nobel prize
  • 1914- invented x-ray machine
  • 1934- dies at the age 66

Opinions: I really liked this book because I like to read about science and bibliographys. I would recommend this book to people who have to write a bibliography about Marie Curie or if you just like to read about her. There are a lot of exiting and sad things that happened in this book

Presentation by: Tori Crockett


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