US + Japan Donald trump and shinzo abe make alience between US and japan

the new president of the united states donald trump and the prime minister of japan Shinzo Abe making a alience between two countries japan and the US as they are calling it corner stone of peace and stability in the pacific region.

As Abe and president trump are talking in the oval office everybody is waiting for the big reveal will there be a alliance. most people were shocked but they were happy at the very same time. as trump and Abe have agreed there will be a alliance and and a promise to japan about US security.

what is happening right now well no one knows but we will find out what happens next but you know what you can would be to decide if this alience was a good decision or was a poor one but it is your decision

most people may think that this is a bad decision but in my opinion this was fairly good one because if we have something bad happen to the US we have japan behind our backs bot fingers crossed that president trump doesn't screw up.


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