Florida Museum of Natural History Spark Story Deeba daneshmayeh

Introduction: For this assignment, me and my best friend Maris visited the Florida Museum of Natural History. I had previously heard of this assignment from previous students who took this class so me and Maris already agreed to go to the museum together at the start of the semester. I was extremely nervous going into this assignment because I am really scared of butterflies but I understand the way nature can be used as a way of achieving the good life. This understanding made it easier for me to explore this museum and share this unique experience with my friend.

Me taking a selfie with the only butterfly i was'nt scared of

Nature on Display: My personal experience while attending this museum was probably very different than most students. Ever since I was a child, I have been extremely scared of insects, but the one I am most scared of is butterflies. On the contrary, the location and set up of the museum was very beautiful and I really enjoyed the change of setting compared to the busy campus setting that I am around ever day. I was able to breath in the air that felt so much more fresh and clean and feel a sense of connectivity with the nature and the plants.

Picture by me: walking into the butterfly garden

Nature and Ethics: I contemplated Leopold's beliefs that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value throughout my visit at the museum. I tried my hardest to understand this belief because in today's society there seems that most things are driven based on the idea of improving ones economic status. One of the first things I noticed walking into the museum was the gift shop to the right. I noticed how everything in todays society seems to be driven by money. When I found out the entrance was free I was pretty surprised by enjoyed the way these museums are free for the students and are encouraged.

Nature and The Human Spirit: Heschel believes that we need to take time in our daily lives to connect to the eternal so we can recognize the mystery and majesty of the Universe. After visiting the museum a differently was able to connect and appreciate what Heschel believed in so strongly. I often feel like the hectic college environment leaves little or no time for me to relax and remember the beautiful Earth we all live in. It is easy to lose yourself to the stress that everyday life brings, and because of this, I think it is very necessary to take time out of our lives and enjoy the natural things. Even though I was very scared and felt a uneasy by the presence of the butterflies, the isolated nature of the museum and the plants that filled the garden made me feel a sense of serenity and happiness.



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