The World According to Oli Oli Dede


Globalization brings our world together. We all live and work together and we can have one big world marketplace.
Climbing Mount Everest is not a good idea. It is hard, it is cold, and it is very expensive. It costs maybe 75,000 dollars to climb Mount Everest.

Q & A

What does it mean to be a good Citizen?

Kids going to school.

A good Citizen would be a person who obeys the laws. Because the person obeys the laws, he would have the rights to go to school so that he and his kids get their education. The money he pays for taxes would go to the school so the school can pay for things. People have rights but they have responsibilities, too. They have to pay taxes and take care of their children. They have to keep their country clean and be kind to everyone. They have to vote so that there is a government.

This is where the government works.

What is a government and why is it necessary?

Government is a system countries use to control and protect their people. It is necessary because Government measure for people to be able to protect their personal property interests. The first of these purposes of government is the one that more people think about. This is something that is included in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration tells us that people have the innate rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It tells us that the government exists in order to protect these rights. If we did not have government, our society would be a free for all. For example, Governments are needed for two main reasons. First, we need them to protect our rights. Second, we need them to provide certain economic things that could not be provided by the private sector. Government is a system that protects people's rights and its people. For example, Anyone who had enough power could simply take away our property. They could enslave us. They could kill us. We need a government to protect us from having our human rights violated in these ways. In conclusion, we need government to protect people and their rights.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in a desert region by bringing a camel so it could carry their stuff and wear clothes that are comfortable so they could walk through the desert. Camels are really important to people who are traveling through the desert. For example, Camels can walk distance over sandy grounds with little food or water. They need this so they can find food or water to eat or drink. People also wear loose clothes to protect them from the heat. For example, Tuareg nomads move their herds to find water and food. The Tuareg depends on their animals for milk. They trade milk, cheese, and some meat for the goods they cannot make or grow themselves. In conclusion, people adapt to living in a desert region by bringing a camel so it could carry their stuff and where clothes that are comfortable so they could walk through the desert.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource may affect a region by giving the people of that region a better life. In the Middle East, having money from selling oil to the rest of the world has improved the standard of living. For example, over the past 30 years, many people have better lives. Life expectancy has gone up. In fact, Mortality has gone down. Oil has brought great wealth to some people in Southwest Asia. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, for example, both have a high GDP from selling oil. Both also have small pollutions. So each has a per capita GDP that is relatively high. In conclusion, having a valuable resource may affect a region by giving the people a better life.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are many forces at work that work for and against supranational cooperation. The forces that work for this in the European are economic and cultural. Having a common market for goods and services is beneficial and pulls people together. Culturally it is good for people to be able to travel across borders. The forces that work against the collaboration are many. For example, a country may not agree with everything the Union decides but still has to live with the decision. Another thing that pulls the Union apart is the different languages. It is very hard to have everything translated in all the languages. This wastes time and decisions take longer to be finalised.

The European Union is an example of Supranational Cooperation. Many countries have united in order to have economic and cultural gain.


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