Wall's Indonesia 25th Anniversary Song for the ages 30" BY HAFIZ I. (PESONA PICTURES)

Let me begin by thanking you for the opportunity to present my thoughts for the Wall's Indonesia's 25th Anniversary spot “A song for the ages”. As soon as I read the script, I instantly realised that this project if treated correctly has a huge amount of potential to connect with the viewing audience of Indonesia and resonate well with the audience as we create a longing for that time of the year and create a window for other viewers to observe the essence of Wall's has connected through the ages and that has always left that wonderful feeling when had or even when the Wall's jingle is heard.

Wall's bring back that fuzzy memories


There's nothing better than have reliving the past and with this script and the treatment posed over by Pesona Pictures and me, it would bring us great joy to relive those moments that we too had growing up with Wall's.

Now, having mentioned earlier in our conversations, we would definitely work to bring the life out of the this commercial buy having the transitions being a smooth and interesting with some techniques that are close to the suggest motion control treatment. The idea of wow'ing the audience after each setup is staged is of utmost importance. It is in this treatment that I would like to first state the flow of the story and then share with you some references that I have that would make this commercial something that is talked about in town. I shall also share my thoughts on the look and feel of the commercial and other thoughts that will make this spot have its own charm and relive those moments of yesteryear that will transcend to the occasion, today.

I've also made a slight tweak to the flow and one environment scene to give us more time to emphasize on the periods as we would have roughly about 8-10 secs per period and to break the scenes to create more vibrancy .

Let me first set the tonality of this treatment by sharing some reference that are in line with the flow of the spot and with techniques which I would like to suggest.

Let it unfold


The story starts off in the 90's with an opening scene of a grandmother and her grandchild seated in front of their typical Batavian house porch in the hot day afternoon. This would resemble a different part of Indonesia. It could pass off as a place in Bali, Semarang, or even Surabaya. The kid seems to have just returned from school. Grandmother being proud of her, has her little moment with her grandchild until they hear something from a far that catches their attention.

It's none other than the Wall's Ice Cream Signature Tune.

As that happens, the little girl hops off and runs out of the porch into the streets for us to then see many other kids and parents who have come out to get their Wall's Ice Cream from the vendor. Here is where we have our first glimpse of our Wall's vendor.

Our Indonesian Ice Cream Man

As the girl rushes to the vendor to get her Cornetto cone (as an example), she thanks the vendor who teases her a little by pulling it away but then gives her the ice cream. He then ruffles her hair out this little mischievous girl.

Other kids are then seen on the street from different ethnic backgrounds coming to the Wall's ice cream vendor to get their ice cream. The vendor, filled with glee, serves them with joy.

Beautiful & Natural Smiles
Keeping it real and true

An interesting angle could be taken with the vendor from here as well. As we move through the ages in the spot, I would like to suggest that we could perhaps also give some nuances to the vendor. He also has that persona of a guardian angel through the years on anyone who purchases Wall's from him.

Kids enjoying their Wall's Ice cream

Nothing like a Wall's Ice Cream

We then cut to the little girl who is then seen running through the streets pass the kids and other families. The camera follows here and as she passes through a certain part of the street and heads through a little opening. As she heads into the opening, we then cut over on the other end of a teenage girl who has now grown up holding a different Wall's ice cream of the 2000's. The venue is now a campus town environment in Jogjakarta, which is a suggestion from me that is also interesting for us to decorate to have a lively environment. My suggestion is to break from a housing area to another housing area. From the setting and dressing of everyone, we can immediately tell that this took place in the 2000's.

An example of a campus town that has Balinese Architecture
Love is in the air thanks to Wall's

We then cut away to a shot of a guy buying an ice cream from the now slightly more mature Wall's vendor.As she walks away from the opening, she is suddenly startled by a guy who holds in front of him another Wall's Ice Cream. He is a little stunned to see her with an ice cream as it was his intention to give it to her. She gladly accepts it but takes the ice cream and gives that guy a bite of it.

I would like to treat this short scene out of tribute to a famous Indonesian film called "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta". Little hints of love is seen with Wall's Ice Cream as the catalyst as the story moves on.

They then run off as the vendor smiles at them. The boy is seen smitten but also gasping in this process. They then run into a crowd and as they appear out of the crowd, they are now seen as parents with their own little girl. It is now the present in Jakarta. They have now joined in the Wall's celebrations at Monas or an iconic area. The culmination of people from all walks of life are seen at this area. Everything has now turned into modern day Jakarta.

Indonesia celebrates Wall's Anniversary
From all walks of life today

The little girl is then seen wanting an ice cream and here we are at the same vendor who is now aged but still as vibrant as ever with his new Wall's Ice Cream cart giving the little girl her ice cream in the same cheeky way he did with her mother when she was young. But this time the little girl is cheekier as she grabs the cap of the vendor and wears it. Everyone laughs with joy. A little moment is seen between the vendor and the little girl he once new and her new family. Moments of joy are then seen across Monas/iconic area as the camera then picks up every walk of life celebrating this joyous occasion of Wall's 25th Anniversary.

A festive event
Joy on their faces
A festive atmosphere
The spirit is shared
An occasion for everyone

Another suggestion for the ending could be this. Since this story happens through the day, that we have the potential to make the end celebration scene happen towards the end of the day. This somehow would allow us to play around with lights and a huge LED board with luminous balloons flying around. We could also play with lights on the Wall's vendors making it more have a huge fun fair feel.

Light displays coupled with a huge LED Board that portrays the message of Wall's 25th Anniversary celebrations could be seen in Monas.


I would like to share a video reference on how the colour treatment can be done to depict the ages. This was a spot done by John Lewis that started in the 70's and ended in present time.

It is my intention to shoot this spot with natural lights to give the spot a true to life feel. I would like the camera movements to also be fluid which brings the audience into the spot as we rekindle the past. Below is a reference of a commercial I have shot before with the DOP (Keong Low) which I am intending to use for this spot.

I've compiled a few snapshots to give us an indication of how the looks can be through the ages.


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