Womens movement By: Yahaira alarcon

In the history of the United States there have been many social changes that have occurred. Women rights in the U.S. is one of these changes. The Women’s Movement was one of the most important movements for the equality of women. Discrimination of women in the U.S has been an ongoing situation since 1848 and still continues to happen today. Many important events involving discrimination against women preceded in the era is known as the Women’s Rights Movement. For example, before the Equal Pay Act in 1963 women were working similar with the same hours and getting paid less than the men just because they were females. The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) was a big part of Women's Rights Movement because they helped women gain rights and equality. Due to the women's organization under the leadership of NWSA, they helped launch a resistance against a culture who believed women were seen as inferior to men. As a result of the NWSA, the Women's Rights Movement was able to gain equal pay, voting and much more. The Women’s Movement is important to U.S history, establishing that discrimination of women inequality was unjust and would no longer be tolerated in this country. Today women live in the U.S free to have freedom of speech, equal pay, and several other rights where they can decide to do what they want with themselves to pursue their happiness.

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