Sentinel Snapshot January 20, 2017

"Light the way" is our student theme for the year.

Banners Arrived!

We wanted to create a sense of pride and belonging on our campus so we have ordered and installed a dozen light-pole banners on Sentinel Drive to greet you upon your arrival. Now everyone will know this is "Sentinel Territory!" The banners are all unique and feature the words and phrases we use time and again with staff and students.

A big thanks to Lynn from SHSD Maintenance & Facilities for braving the cold, rain, and wind to install our banners!

Semester's End

Next Friday marks the end of semester one for our students. It's crunch time! Please encourage your students to prepare for their finals by finishing any lingering assignments or reassessments they might still have. You know what they say, "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Tardy Revision

We have experienced less daily tardies this year, which makes us very happy. But we are not finished yet! There is still a large statistical spike in first period tardies and we have noticed that some students are collecting a lot of them. Beginning second semester we will be monitoring tardy reports on a weekly basis and meeting with any students who show a pattern of late arrival to class.

At the end of the day, we all just want our kids in class when the bell rings so they can be safely accounted for and learn. Thanks for your support in our mission.


Created By
Jake Tyrrell


Photos courtesy of "The Sentinel" which is Steilly's student-newspaper.  Thanks guys!

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