Purple Rose By Carmi G. Baja

Purple Rose


You, my love

Are a purple rose

Dressed with more elegance

Than the emperors of Rome

In ancient times, only royals

Wore this Tyrian purple tone

The ones luxuriously ablaze

With dyed satin robes

The shade purple and the rose

Are both a representation

The color of true love

The flower of deep admiration

“For the first time in ages

I glanced up into his eyes

Once warm, now arrogant,

Yet why was I surprised?

"Long ago a tall, charming young man

Pridefully led me on, then cruelly turned me away,

Shattering my hopes

That I was the girl with whom his love

Would stay”

Wipe those tears of heartbreak

My dear,

Never again let a man

Make you feel so low

For you, my love,

Are a

Purple Rose


Created By
Carmi Baja

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