Vocabulary Project By Alex Darby

Acute - A situation that is not liked - Falling down stairs is an acute situation.

Anonymous - An unknown name - The person wanted to be anonymous on the news.

Apprehensive - Fearful - Some people are apprehensive about going down dark alleyways.

Arrogant - Excessively proud - He is arrogant of his skills

Bestow - To give - He was bestowed with a piece of paper

Donor - A person who gives - The donor gave a sandwich

Phobia - A fear of something - Arachnophobia is fear of spiders.

Prominent - Important / famous - The president is a prominent person.

Prudent - To care about what you do - You should be prudent of your work.

Recipient - A person who is given something - He was the recipient of a new car.

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