Show, Interact, Create Giana DeVito


Objective: SWBAT identify, define, and categorize the three states of matter.

Show Activity: Students will watch video below. During video there will be times to pause where students will give their own examples of states of matter to make a class list.


Objective: SWBAT discover, categorize, and discuss the states of matter.

Interact Activity:

  • Student will participate in a scavenger hunt around the classroom.
  • They will find the solids, liquids, and gasses around the classroom in pairs.
  • The items are listed on a piece of paper, but students once they find them, they must identify which state of matter they are.
  • Students will discuss with the class their findings.


Objective: SWBAT apply and distinguish their knowledge of matter by creating root beer floats.

Create Activity:

  • Students will have a cup of root beer and a bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of them.
  • Students will identify which matters they see.
  • Students will then put the ice cream into the cup of root beer.
  • As they watch the reaction between the root beer and the ice cream they will identify what matter they see.
  • Students will see that the root beer is a liquid, the ice cream is a solid, and when put together the foam is a gas.


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